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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Investigation by HCDSBNEWS - Extremists Unmasked At The Halton Catholic District School Board - Part 1

BURLINGTON April 20, 2018  Ex-trem-ist definition: "a person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views, especially one who resorts to or advocates extreme action." Cutting off all major Canadian charities from donations is extreme by any standard. A first in Canada by any school board by the way. 

 #supportallcauses #putthetrustbackintrustee #haltonwalkout 

Trustees Anthony Danko and Helena Karabela want you to believe they are ordinary people just like you and that a great majority of people support the charity ban just like them. Its just a few extremists student troublemakers stirring up trouble. The truth is exactly the opposite. Deception and misdirection are the hallmark of the extremist and Danko and Karabela have these characteristics in spades.  An investigation by HCDSBNEWS has found that Danko and Karabela share a close friend with a very sketchy past. Their friend has been associated by news reports and court documents with homophobia, bombings and harassment throughout Ontario. 

(After learning of this pending story Danko made his Facebook friends list private. Karabela's is also private)

Meet friend and fellow charity ban supporter Daniel McCash - aka Dan Mc on Facebook. McCash and Danko share 15 friends on Facebook and the only other HCDSB trustee either have is Karabela. Like most extremists they know their views are unpopular and can cause professional embarrassment so they hide their extremist affiliations in public profiles like Linkedin. McCash's Linkedin profile don't mention anything about pro life, neither does Danko's Linkedin profile. Both seem quite capable of separating money from religion when convenient. If you're pro choice or gay they still want your business they just don't want support anything you do unless you hold extreme religious views. "Like attracts like" they say except when it comes to making a living.

To Help Danko and Karabela with their charity ban Dan McCash wrote the Board a letter last February which is part of the February 20, 2018 Board report (here) where McCash actually threatened Board members by saying - "I am just about to retire and I will put out a possible threat to all of you who oppose this resolution, I may make my retirement working for getting better people to replace you." 

You might wonder what kind of person threatens a school board  - Here's a partial list of Mr McCash's accomplishments that leads to his current position on the charity ban;

1977 immigrates to Canada from UK with his wife Muriel (also a letter writer to HCDSB charity ban issue) and two children (Pro Life News sources)

1985 September - Son John McCash Is arrested at his Toronto High school for protesting -he is 13 years old at the time. (Pro Life News sources)

1985 October - Daniel McCash became the first Toronto picketer to be arrested and handed a jail sentence for protesting outside a medical clinic. McCash was found guilty of causing a disturbance by screaming at women going into Morgentalor medical clinic and was given a five day jail term.(Pro Life News sources)

1986 May - Pro-lifers start to protest at the homes of female medical workers in the hopes of having them quit their careers, a tactic that they had learned was successful from US pro life partners who pioneered it. McCash protests at the homes of two Morgentaler clinic female employees. McCash takes a group of 50 protesters to the home of doctor Nikki Colodny were they started screaming from the street at Dr. Colodny, who worked at the Harbord Street women's clinic. Dan McCash knocked on Dr. Colodny’s door but no one answered. “I was wanting to talk to her to persuade her to leave that killing machine and become a healing doctor again.” Said McCash. (Pro Life News sources) In a later court action against McCash, Dr Colodny stated in her affidavit that patients were fearful of the Morgentalor clinic being bombed. 

1987 - Campaign Life Coalition and (March for Life) organizer President Jim Hughes praises McCash and two others as heroes of the pro-life movement. All three were convicted in provincial court on charges of assault and ordered to stay away from Morgentaler’s Toronto clinic for 18 months. Dan McCash was also convicted of assaulting a security guard, by allowing John, his fifteen-year-old son, to block a fence when the security guard was trying to close the gate. Sharon Levy-Hardaker, the executive administrator of the clinic, gave evidence that she was “terrified” when she drove off and Dan McCash jumped on the hood of her Cadillac. (Pro Life News sources)

1989 Dan McCash was named in a million dollar law suit - The Defendant McCash attempted to prevent Ms. X who was then scheduled to be a patient at the Clinic, from entering the Clinic by screaming at her such things such as “Why are you killing you’re your baby? When Ms. X left the clinic after the procedure was completed the defendant McCash followed her off the Clinic property” (Pro Life News sources)

1990 Son John McCash is charged and criminally convicted for pro life activities. At the time the judge told John McCash “If you take the law into your own hands, we’ll have anarchy.” (Pro Life News sources)

1993 - The Attorney General of Ontario sues McCash and 15 others to restrain them from unlawful activities at medical clinics, doctors offices and the homes of medical workers. In the affidavit filed (Source CanLii

1993 - Jean Chretien personally replaces Dan McCash with Jean Augustine as a liberal candidate for Etobicoke-Lakeshore after a failed attempt by McCash to take over the riding association by his single issue "Liberals For Life" group. (Pro Life News sources)

1994 - In a court case listed here on Canada's legal database CanLii - it details McCash's unlawful activities;

(viii) Daniel McCash

McCash Sr. is currently a member of the Liberal Party of Canada and is on the national executive of Liberals for Life, a pro-life organization within the party. He recently sought the Liberal nomination for the federal riding of Etobicoke-Lakeshore.

[244] McCash Sr. picketed on a regular basis and was involved in sidewalk counselling outside the Morgentaler abortion clinic from December, 1984 to February, 1987. He points out that until 1988, the Morgentaler Clinic was breaching the Criminal Code by conducting abortions in that facility. He states that he attended at the clinic on the public sidewalk to express his view that what Dr. Morgentaler was doing was wrong and unlawful.

[245] Maria Corsillo attests to an incident involving McCash Sr. which occurred one Saturday in 1990. She and her son were on their way to breakfast when they met McCash Sr. walking in the opposite direction. She alleges McCash Sr. asked her young son whether he knew that his mother and father killed babies for a living and why he did not tell them to stop. When Corsillo put her son in their car and locked the door, McCash Sr. began banging on the windows of the passenger side where her son was sitting and again told him to tell his parents to stop killing babies. He also told the young boy he should be ashamed to have parents like that.

(ix) John McCash

[248] John McCash (“McCash Jr.”) is a full-time student of political science at the University of Toronto. He has not picketed in front of abortion clinics for the last two and a half years, with the exception of the summer of 1993 when he picketed at the Scott and Cabbagetown Clinics for approximately one hour a week some 15 times. He says his picketing was quiet and peaceful. It was intended to communicate information regarding abortion and the assistance available to women considering abortion. Pictures of McCash Jr. sitting on his bicycle and staring into the clinic have been submitted. This appears to be his regular posture on such occasions.

[249] Maria Corsillo describes her concern over his presence in 1993 in light of earlier altercations with him. One incident occurred in 1988 when she, her husband Dr. Scott, their two children and her father attended an auto show at the Automotive Building in Toronto. Another occurred in 1989 at the Eaton Centre. In these respects, she attests:

While we were walking through the show, John McCash, who was about 14 years old at the time, approached us and began to verbally accost us. John McCash is the son of Dan McCash, a well-known anti-choice picketer. On approaching us, John McCash began screaming “baby killer”, directing his attention to our son who was about 5 years old at the time. Mr. McCash followed us every where we went in the building calling out to people: “Everybody! do you know who this is? This man murders babies for money”. We tried to ignore him. At one point, a man and his wife who were holding hands and chatting walked by us. The man was carrying a baby in a Snuglee. John McCash suddenly grabbed hold of the baby and screamed, “Dr. Scott, you like to kill babies? Why don’t you kill this one?” The father of the baby was outraged. He grabbed McCash by the throat and threatened him. I would have thought that the man’s reaction would have stopped McCash but it did not. He continued to follow us through the building. We finally found a police officer who attempted to calm McCash down, however he continued to scream out. As a result, we left the show angry, exhausted, and terrified.

In 1989, we had another similar encounter with John McCash. My father, my two children and I, were shopping at Eaton Centre in Toronto for Christmas presents in a store called Beaver Canoe. Suddenly, John McCash appeared. He began screaming at my son: “So this is how you spend your father’s blood money?” My son was terrified. McCash continued screaming: “This boy’s father is a baby killer and this is where he spends his blood money. This boy’s father kills babies by abortion”. I called for the store manager and requested that he call the police. By that time, a large crowd had gathered. I managed to get my son outside of the store. An off duty police officer came into the store, grabbed John McCash and dragged him away. As he was being dragged away, McCash continued to scream: “This boy’s father kills babies by abortion and this boy’s father is a mass murderer”. Our children were devastated by this experience. To this day, whenever our son encounters picketers, he exhibits visible signs of fear which I do not believe he is ever going to get over. My father, who had just turned 70 at the time of this incident, was outraged.

[250] McCash Jr., in his affidavit, admits to following the family through the Automotive Building and informing people “what [Dr. Scott] does”. However, he denies grabbing a baby and he points out that he was 16 years old at the time. He also admits to meeting the family in the Beaver Canoe store but says that he spoke only to Maria Corsillo and not her son. He has no recollection of being grabbed by a police officer and dragged away. He was 17 years old at that time.

[251] At para. 23 of Maria Corsillo’s affidavit, she asserts that picketers frequently harass clinic staff
(Source CanLii

1999 - McCash said “We’re going to be fighting against abortion, euthanasia, sex education and homosexuality for a long, long time.” McCash  stated Pro-lifers "must focus on each constituency to determine which party is strongest in that riding and “try to take it over.” (Pro Life News sources)

2003 at a parliamentary committee meeting in Toronto McCash was quoted saying - “For the record, there is a link between homosexuality and paedophilia" (Source DailyExtra)

2012 protesting against sex ed curriculum changes in Toronto McCash was quoted saying the following - Catholics are being bullied into allowing “homosexual sex clubs.” McCash believes a GSA is the same as a gay bathhouse. “I’m going by my past observations of these clubs, which are places where people meet and have their sexual encounters when they want to have them and meet people of a like mind,” he said. 
(Source DailyExtra)

2017 Dan McCash was listed as one of Canada's Greatest Pro Lifers by National President Jim Hughes of the Campaign Life Coalition (March for Life) organizers. (Pro Life News sources)

Dan McCash's extreme religious views won't let him donate to any charity that is even remotely connected in way to having given money in support of widely accepted standards or laws since in some way or another they violate his "sanctity of life" and homophobic beliefs. Dan's not a big fan of our current laws like the Ontario Human Rights code for instance. 

The deceit lies in the fact that they make themselves look like a large group and by being well connected secretly they can appear independent of each other and larger and more representative of other groups then they actually are. Regular Pro life supporters have no issue with supporting all charities its only the very small number of pro life extremists like Danko, Karabela and friends who are pushing for the ban but unfortunately they happen to be Catholic trustees at your board because people like McCash worked behind the scenes to get them elected just like he threatened in his letter to the Board. Next election check out your candidates to see if they are reasonable people not troublemaker extremists like the few we have now - Check Facebook, Canlii, Twitter etc - we are living in the 21 century so its much easier to find the fakes than it used to be.

Note: Dan McCash is friends with the Danko and Karabela families and correspondence by him and his wife should never have been accepted at the February 20, 2018 Board meeting due to the obvious conflict of interest to pro life organizations and personal ties to sitting trustees. 

Trustees Danko and Karabela should be sanctioned by the board for being deceitful and failing to disclose their numerous conflicts of interests with close friends in support of the charity ban so as to have an open and transparent debate not one where the fix is in for one side.    

Trustees should pass useful resolutions whereby all delegations and correspondence received by the Board must publicly disclose any conflicts of interest with a sitting trustee before being accepted.

#supportallcauses #putthetrustbackintrustee #haltonwalkout

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Friday, April 20, 2018

HCDSB Student Protests Spreading Against Charity Ban - Jean Vanier CSS in Milton The Latest

BURLINGTON April 20, 2018 - Growing student lead protests against the charity ban created by trustees Anthony Danko, Helena Karabela, Paul Marai, Anthony Quinn and Susan Trites is spreading across the the entire HCDSB school system causing headaches for administration. The anti women's rights and anti gay charity ban has stopped students from raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society, Sick Kids Hospital, the United Way and all other major Canadian charities. The "sanctity of life" provision that charities must meet is widely seen as anti women and a disguised form of homophobia since it won't support any charity that doesn't support "Catholic Values" as defined by the group of 5 trustees. Their "sanctity of life" definition includes same sex marriage, contraception etc. It's an extremist Catholic doctrine that denies women's rights and is widely known to be anti gay. If you think I'm joking then read what Trustee's Danko, Karabela, Quinn and Trites have publicly stated on their questionnaire on the website Campaign Life Coalition when asked questions these questions - From Danko's questionnaire - here's his answers (Karabela's are the same);

Videos from today's protest:

Once again thanks to the students of the HCDSB for standing up for women and LGBTQ communities and for doing whats right - public support is on your side - keep up the protests!

As always the HCDSB NEWS invites your corrections, comments and criticisms and any replies received from people or institutions mentioned in any article will be published.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Students Walk Out in Protest Over Charity Ban At Halton Catholic Schools

BURLINGTON April 19, 2018 - It is being reported on Twitter this morning by students that student lead protests against the charity ban have happened at two schools in the Halton Catholic District School board - Assumption secondary in Burlington and Bishop Reding in Milton.

From Twitter this morning - 

See video here on Twitter

Hats off to all student demonstrators and leaders for showing what political action and social justice really is.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

It's Official - You Can't donate To LGBTQ or Catholic Charities At The Halton Catholic District School Board

BURLINGTON April 17, 2018 - In clear violation of Ontario's Human Rights Code The Halton Catholic District School Board has just issued a new policy on fundraising that prohibits any staff, parent council or student from raising money for causes such as aids research, suicide, mental health and homelessness issues among the LGBTQ community.

View the new policy here

They have also shot themselves in the foot in regard to raising money for Catholic causes. The new policy refers to the resolution #61/18 that states a charity who raises funds directly or indirectly is also banned for five years from raising funds in the HCDSB school system. It turns out that all Catholic Parishes, The Knights of Columbus, CWL or CYO groups have raised funds for Development and Peace which directly donated money to causes in violation of the sanctity of life motion. HCDSBNEWS reported it on April 5 that D&P had been giving money to the United Church of Canada. Since that time Bishops have also publicly stated they will drop support for D&P. 

Since D&P  has been linked by HCDSBNEWS to donating funds for issues that violate the sanctity of life resolution 61/18 all Catholic charities are effectively prohibited from receiving any donations from the HCDSB. If you want the recipe on how to piss everyone off and at the same time shot yourself in the foot then contact the following trustees -  Danko, Quinn, Karabela, Marai and Trites.  

As always the HCDSB NEWS invites your corrections, comments and criticisms and any replies received from people or institutions mentioned in any article will be published.

Breaking More Laws In the Name Of Religion - HCDSB Pays Campaign Life Coalition Lobby Group in Violation of the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act

BURLINGTON   April 17, 2018 - For years the Halton Catholic District School Board has sent a bus load of students to Campaign Life Coalition's (CLC) annual "March For Life" pro life rally in Ottawa spending thousands of dollars on transportation, food and hotel accommodations. 

March For Life Rally in Ottawa by Campaign Life Coalition

As previously reported by HCDSBNEWS in a story here, Campaign Life Coalition is a registered lobby group and is not a registered charity. The problem is that an Ontario law called "The Broader Public Sector Accountability Act" found here, says very clearly in Part II Sec 4 (4) found here that a school board cannot pay a lobby group;

This causes a problem for the board "sanctity of life motion" since they specifically mention the "March For Life" and it appeared on the short lived approved charity list published by the board and now found here. It's clear that March For Life or any other campaign from the CLC can never be added to any future charity list since it is prohibited by The Broader Public Sector Accountability Act. 

To sum up the laws the Board has broken to date regarding their charity ban motion;

1     They violated the Education Act for not first consulting with the community affected.
2.    They violated their own Conflict of Interest rules for failing to declare numerous conflicts trustees have with various lobby and charity groups.
3.     They have violated Income tax Act according to Canada Revenue (here) since the HCDSB is a registered charity and cannot donate money to a partisan political lobby groups like March for Life (CLC). The CLC has a huge database of elected political figures it recommends you vote for found here.
4.     They have violated the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act by including the "March For Life" Campaign Life Coalition political lobby group to their list of approved charities.
5.     They have violated the The Ontario Human Rights Code by restricting peoples ability to give to only non LGBTQ charity groups.

How many more laws have to be broken before Trustee Danko, Karabela, Quinn, Marai and Trites come to their senses and rescind their motion? They are giving the Minister of Education more and more reason to step in and straighten things out. She's already mentioned her concerns once. 

As always the HCDSB NEWS invites your corrections, comments and criticisms and any replies received from people or institutions mentioned in any article will be published.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Trustee Danko Encouraged Friend To Harass Women At Medical Clinic in Ottawa

BURLINGTON    April 16, 2018 This certainly tops the list of things you shouldn't do as a decent human being let alone an elected Catholic trustee. If your long time friend and Facebook pal gets arrested for harassing women you need to speak out against such action and certainly not speak out in favour of it. Are you tone deaf to the #MeToo movement or is it that you just don't care? Can you imagine any politician doing this today? Doug Ford" Kathleen Wynne? 

Danko's friend Cyril Winter filmed and harassed women outside the Morgentaler Clinic in Ottawa for the past 4.5 years. He was recently arrested. Trustee Danko encouraged Mr Winter by  "liking" one of Cyril's last angry Facebook posts March 7, 2018 challenging and criticizing his recent arrest.

Cyril Winter Outside Morgentaler clinic Ottawa 2018
Cyril Winter outside Morgentaler clinic Ottawa 2016

Trustee Danko "liking" Cyril Winter Facebook Post 2018

At the very least Danko needs to issue a public apology. But don't hold your breath, he couldn't care less what the good people of Oakville think.

As always the HCDSB NEWS invites your corrections, comments and criticisms and any replies received from people or institutions mentioned in any article will be published.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

"March For Life" Using Students as Political Lobbyists For Pro Life Anti Gay Agenda

BURLINGTON April 15, 2018 - Catholic schools don't spend much time educating students about political lobbyists or issues they want them to support. Firstly "March For Life" (MFL) is not a Charity or is it Catholic. It is simply a nice sounding harmless phrase for tricking students into marching for political Anti Gay causes. March For Life  is owned, organized and operated by "The Campaign Life Coalition"  (CLC) as seen at the bottom of its website here

The CLC will make you march for their beliefs such as - an LGBTQ person simply chooses their own sexuality and that if given "conversion therapy" by a quack doctor they will change right back into a heterosexual. See this page from the CLC website. The article has no author  but looks good since it has footnotes. For real information see Wikipedia, edited by thousands of experts from around the world and that will give you the latest on homosexuality here and the horror story of NARTH and conversion therapy here promoted by the CLC.

The CLC will make you march to ban Canada's same sex marriage laws we've had since 2005. The first North American country to do so. They try to demonize gays by linking child abuse to homosexuality although there is exactly zero evidence of this. 

The CLC president thought in 2010 you'll be attacked by LGBTQ if there are transgender bathrooms, using fear to convince people - seems it hasn't happened yet -  his homophobic quote below from the CLC website here

Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) said, "all people of good will must alert their MPs to the grave concerns and legal nightmares at stake in this bill warning, for example, that it will lead to male cross dressers and drag queens having the legal right to use female bathrooms."

The CLC is a political lobby group through and through, that's it's whole reason to exist. Here is the government disclosure form filled out by the CLC listing what their purpose is;

FYI - Just so you know what you're marching for - If you attend the "March For Life" you will be marching to change the laws of your country that a very large majority of Canadians voted for and an extreme minority of people hate and want changed. This will by deception make you part of a hate group.

Special note - If you go to the March For Life protest rally in Ottawa you will also attend the "youth conference" and see paid guest speaker and singer Marie - Claire Bissonnette", who was paid to sing at Helena Karabela's sons wedding, here's his glowing review;

You might also recall she doubles as a paid fundraiser for the CLC and is head of the youth branch who appeared before the Board at it's March 20 meeting as a delegate. She was very very careful not to mentioned anything to do with gender or same sex marriage since it turns everyone off - but expect lots of that talk in Ottawa.

Let the Board know if they don't rescind the charity ban there are things you can do that can stop their support of issues - and the money that goes with it.

As always the HCDSB NEWS invites your corrections, comments and criticisms and any replies received from people or institutions mentioned in any article will be published.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Karabela Spends Thousands Sending Her Kids To Private Baptist School

BURLINGTON - April 13, 2018 - The last time a Halton Catholic trustee was found to be sending their child to a private school he wasn't re-elected for obvious reasons. That person was trustee Danko's good Facebook friend, Shifra house charity co-founder and former chair of the Board Robertus Van De Vrande.

There have been plenty of unconfirmed rumours regarding where Helena Karabela and husband Henry sent their kids to school. Turns out the rumours were all true. It seems the Karabelas' have been spending big money, estimated in excess of $100,000 to avoid sending their own children to the Catholic school system their mom has pledged to promote and support.

Daughter Madeleine's Linkedin profile;

Son Matthew doesn't show his high school on his Linkedin page but he does show up on King's Christian Collegiate  newsletter in 2006 and 2007 for winning numerous awards. Well done Matt!

According to the admissions process for King's Christian Collegiate the parents and student must agree to abide by very strict religious rules to be admitted. Their admissions form and rules are located here.  King's Christian Collegiate is run by King's Community Church and according to their own website - "Kings Community Church first grew out of the work of the Spirit at Chartwell Baptist Church in 2000."

The rules state the parents must attend church (theirs) and an annual golf tournament among other things. This maybe why you rarely see Helena and family on a regular basis at your local Catholic church. If she wants her kids to go to a private Baptist school she has to attend and participate in the King's Community Church instead of a Catholic church like all other trustees.

Some elected people have a lot to hide and they are easy to spot - they always claim to represent a majority but it turns out they represent someone else and just get lucky in an election. If Helena Karabela doesn't think enough of the Halton Catholic District School Board to send her own children to it like tens of thousands of others then maybe she shouldn't represent people who do. 

As always the HCDSB NEWS invites your corrections, comments and criticisms and any replies received from people or institutions mentioned in any article will be published.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Catholic Trustee Anthony Quinn Mocks Priest's Blessing As a Nazi Salute

BURLINGTON April 12, 2018 -  Oakville trustee Anthony Quinn, co-leader of the alt-right trustees at the Halton Catholic District School Board, decided he needed to mock a Catholic Priest and insult a whole community of school children by issuing the following tweet from his official @QuinnHalton trustee twitter account (not his @CARPQuinn work account);

Trustee Quinn felt compelled to mock the Priest for raising his hand over head when giving a blessing, inviting a comparison to an actual Nazi salute seen below.

As one can clearly see the Nazi salute is an outstretched arm that does not rise above ones head. Anthony's lack of basic military history is an insult to members of the military. His tweet attributing a Nazi salute to a priest in a school setting giving a blessing is insulting to a school community and shows a breathtaking disrespect as a Catholic and as an elected Catholic trustee. 

The last time a Halton School Board Trustee made reference to Nazi's was in January 2011 when Board Chair Alice Anne LeMay was trying to defend another controversial policy to ban gay straight clubs and which ended up making the national news and embarrassing the Board nationally. At the time the alt-right trustees Danko and LeMay promised it would be the end of the catholic school system as we know it and that gay pride parades would break out at each school. The policy was reversed due to public pressure and as everyone knows seven years later the fear they were spreading has not happened. 

What's old is new again. It is the same with with the charity ban issue today - the alt-right trustee group spreads fear in the hopes of scaring everyone into accepting idiotic policies that are personally motivated.  

Anthony Quinn works for the advocacy group CARP (Canadian Association of Retired Persons) and knows about community relations and should know better than to make such easily avoidable mistakes. He needs to apologize to the church, the priest, the students, the school community and the good Catholics that elected him. 

As always the HCDSB NEWS invites your corrections, comments and criticisms and any replies received from people or institutions mentioned in any article will be published.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Minister of Education Tells HCDSB to Fix The Charity Ban - What Will Danko & Pals Do?

BURLINGTON - April 11, 2018 Education Minister Naidoo Harris has notified the Board - "Fix your charity Ban!" HCDSBNEWS had brought the subject up with the minister at a private fundraiser in Oakville in February. 
Reported in The Globe and Mail - Ontario education minister asks Halton Catholic school board to suspend controversial charity plan /via

Education Minister Indira Naidoo Harris
Will the troublesome Oakville trustees obey the Minister of Education or will they continue to thumb their noses at students, parents, priests, highly regarded charities, taxpayers and the Bishop or will they continue to make fools of themselves and everyone else at the HCDSB?
Note to trustee Danko - I have a copy of all your Facebook friends. If you'd like to keep them you'd better change your mind, and quick. I don't think they are going to like what I might say about them and you.

Halton Catholic Students - Can't Donate To Humboldt Broncos - But you Can Wear A Jersey

BURLINGTON - April 11, 2018 - Officially the recent changes to the charity policy prohibit any school from raising funds for the Humboldt tragedy. No charity collecting on behalf of the Humboldt tragedy is currently registered with the Board. Thank you trustees, Danko, Marai, Quinn and Karabela for your thoughtless resolution.

The official statement from the Board reads as follows;   

NOTE: Resolution 61/18 is still in effect during this period of policy amendment and stakeholder consultation. At this time school fundraising efforts may only be directed to charities and/or non-profit organizations that meet the requirements in this resolution.

You can however wear a jersey to school on April 12, 2018 if you like.

As always the HCDSB NEWS invites your corrections, comments and criticisms and any replies received from people or institutions mentioned in any article will be published.

Halton Catholic DSB Trustee Danko's Own Priest Doesn't Support Him - Why Should Anyone Else?

BURLINGTON April 11, 2018 When you stand up in public as a Catholic trustee and propose a motion that effects 33,000 students and their families and relies exclusively on Catholic teaching for it's reasoning, you'd probably want to run it by your local Priest first. Unless of course you think you're God's local representative.

Anthony Danko Fool of The Month Club Winner

Anthony Danko's parish is St. Andrew in Oakville and the Pastor is Father Cornelius (Con) O' Mahoney. In a statement to Father Con says Danko's actions regarding the fundraising ban are "very troubling" to him and the Bishop and it's not the first time that Danko has embarrassed the church. Father Con doesn't support Danko and in fact states "For the record, I've been in full support of the kids". 

When your own Priest and Bishop tell you that they don't support what you're doing as a Catholic trustee and what you do is "very troubling", maybe it's time to call it a day.  As a Catholic trustee it's a basic requirement, you can't be a Catholic trustee if your own religion doesn't support you.

Danko's charity ban reasoning was all based on an interpretation of the Catholic religion that he simply made up. An interpretation that he didn't bother discussing with his own priest and one the Bishop doesn't much care for. People like Anthony are best described as fools, not Catholic trustees.

As always the HCDSB NEWS invites your corrections, comments and criticisms and any replies received from people or institutions mentioned in any article will be published.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Halton Catholic DSB "Approved" Charities List Supports Abortion

BURLINGTON The on going battle over a fundraising policy which seeks to limit fundraising to "approved" charities which meet the Board's "sanctity of life" criteria may have finally hit a brick wall. Their resolution (found here) states;

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB), because it is a Catholic Institution, will not provide or facilitate any financial donations to any charities or non-profits that publicly support, either directly or indirectly, abortion, contraception, sterilization, euthanasia, or embryonic stem cell research. For the purposes of this motion, “public support” for the issues listed above ( i.e. abortion, contraception etc.…) is not support when privately expressed but is support when publically expressed on a website, in press material or found in some other public area.

It seems their approved list below (since removed), lists one of the largest Canadian Catholic charities in North America known as "Development And Peace" (D&P). It was created by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and has been around since 1967. It is also the Canadian arm of the larger Vatican charity Caritas Internationalis. D&P is well known by every parish and school in the Board, it's Canada's largest Catholic charity.

This is where things go off the rails. The motion clearly states "will not support ....either directly or indirectly.....abortion......but is support when publicly expressed on a website, in press material or found in some other public area." Here is the dilemma,  D&P gives over $50,000 a year (see here) to the United Church of Canada according to the Canada Revenue Agency charities division. 

From Development and Peace 2016 CRA Charity Return

Wikipedia a public website, lists (see here) the United Church of Canada as supporting abortion, contraception etc.  This clearly establishes the "approved" charities Development and Peace as well as "Parishes" must be removed from any future approved list. These charities directly and indirectly give their funds to other charities whose support is publicly expressed in the most respected encyclopedia in the world used in every school on the planet. This is in clear contravention of cry baby trustees Danko, Karabela, Marai, Quinn and Trites resolution. Now the Board has to scrub Development and Peace and all Parishes from the list because they are closely associated and one has raised funds for the other. They also have to check to see if any of the few remaining charities have connections to Parishes or Development and Peace since that would violate the resolution as well by indirectly supporting the issues of abortion, contraception etc.

If trustee Danko's resolution succeeds he and the other trustees will be supporting charities that support abortion. Come re-election time Anthony won't be seen as a pillar of the Catholic community or a supporter of catholic electors will he?

Based on this new information trustees Danko, Karabela, Marai, Quinn and Trites are asked to immediately withdraw support for this motion. If they don't, as it now stands their resolution will effectively prevent all schools from raising funds for any Catholic cause.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Shot Down By Students and Chair Cry-Baby Trustees Danko, Karabela, Quinn and Marai Walk Out of Board Meeting

BURLINGTON - HCDSB Board meeting April 3, 2018 - History was made when when a motion by trustee Anthony Danko was shot down by the Chair of the Board Diane Rabenda. Earlier in the evening student advocates - Julia Joseph and Ben Sabourin had taken turns ripping a strip off the stunned and confused Trustee group for breaking the law and not  consulting students and parents over the fundraising policy. 

J. Joseph and B. Sabourin

The students schooled the trustees for a full 10 minutes on how the law works, how they screwed it up and how they should have followed it. They were talking directly to Karabela, Danko, Quinn and Marai. The best lines of the night by Sabourin  "you are not above the law" "I am ashamed to be a student at this Board".

A few minutes later Chair Rabenda shoots down Danko's motion causing Paul Marai to jump to Danko's defense and pretend he knows Robert's Rules of Order and throws an immediate hissy fit that would put any self respecting 2 year old to shame. 
Anthony Danko

Quinn and Karabela sit stunned and try to help Marai but it's too late, it's obvious their plans for another fundraising motion have just gone up in flames. It was the last straw for Danko, Karabela, Quinn and Marai. Suddenly like a group of obstinate children they picked up their net and ball and walked out knowing it would end the Board meeting for lack of quorum. 

It's not often you see four grown adults embarrass themselves at a public meeting but that's exactly what happened. Ironically they have made dull Board meetings a must see event and the price to get in is free.

A very special thanks to students Joseph and Sabourin and Chair Rabenda - our hats are off to you. See you at the next meeting Tuesday April 17, 7:30 at the Board offices.

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Parents/Staff to Boycott Weekly Offerings At Million Dollar Oakville Catholic Churches

BURLINGTON - A sure fire way to get a Bishop's attention in a religious matter is to threaten his bottom line. Parents and staff at the HCDSB are considering a boycott of the weekly offerings and fundraising efforts of the "Big 3" Oakville Catholic churches St Andrew's, Mary Mother Of God and St Matthew in retaliation for the restrictive fundraising policy recently passed by the Board. 

St Andrew's (Danko's Church) latest figures from Canadian Revenue Agency; $817, 068

Mary Mother Of God latest figures from Canadian Revenue Agency; $1.04 million

St Mathew latest figures from Canadian Revenue Agency; $1.03 million

The Bishop will be eager to chat with Oakville Trustees Karabela, Quinn and Danko about that Board fundraising policy if revenues start dropping since the "Big 3" churches are his biggest money makers in the entire Diocese - even the Cathedral doesn't bring in that kind of cash. Engaged parents and staff are the largest group of donators of time and money  in the church so reducing or eliminating their weekly offerings should get results. Most parishoners have no idea where their money is going or what a "cathedraticum" is (money your church has to give to the bishop every year by Canon Law) but they are sure taking money away from cancer research and sick kids is a bad idea.

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