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Friday, April 24, 2015

Catholic Teachers Set To Strike - 94% vote in Favour of Strike Action

TORONTO - April 24, Catholic teachers from all across Ontario have been electronically voting to take strike action since noon Thursday April 23 until today, noon April 24.  The results are in. 94.2% in favour of taking strike action.

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  1. Hopefully this strong support for strike action will show the board and province that teachers are in solidarity with regards to a just settlement. However, teachers are only doing this so they can then get quickly back to the classroom with their students.

  2. Is anyone thinking about the students...?

    1. I am absolutely certain both the HCDSB and the teachers unions are concerned for their students. What would make you think otherwise?

    2. I agree, as a student myself I find these actions to be terrible decisions because some of the students, including myself, will for sure want to get involved in extra curricular activities and the such. If the teachers do go on strike, I can almost guarantee that there will be recoil from the students, including myself.

    3. You have a right to protest if you like and teachers will support that. They have the right to strike and that has been Canadian law for more than 100 years. If you're concerned about extra curricular activities you have other options - you may want to look to your local community for the time being.