Trustees Don't Follow Ministry Guidelines, Why Should You? - Trustees Expenses Not Being Reported.

As an education worker you are constantly reminded you must follow curriculum guidelines, financial procedures, Board policy etc. or you could find yourself in hot water. Strictly speaking, you only have to follow the law and a guideline simply isn't the law. The Education act and its regulations are the law, everything else such as a guideline (including curriculum) is a suggestion, legally speaking.

Leading By Example
You'd think that the top administrators of the Board follow each and every law and guideline to the letter the same way you do but the truth is they pick and choose which ones they want to follow based on highly technical legal advice mixed with a witches brew of their own preferences. Case in point, Trustees expenses. If you search "trustees expense guidelines MOE" you should find this guideline published in 2009. The guideline is only six pages long and free of technical jargon so anyone over the age of 10 should have no trouble understanding it. The second last sentence of the guideline states "Each trustee's annual expenditure is published". A reasonable person would understand that the word "publish" to mean make it publicly available and "annual" means once every year. The HCDSB has 3 years worth of trustees expenses listed here for years 2011, 2012, 2013, but only the links for the years 2012 and 2013 work, the 2011 link is dead. Also they seem to be missing years 2009, 2010 and 2014. The expenses they do publish make some interesting reading. For instance Alice Anne LeMay is far and away the biggest spender every year while other trustees such as John Morrison spent $0 in 2013.

Lessons Learned
It's obvious that the trustees and top administrators (also referred to as leaders) of the HCDSB sometimes follow guidelines and sometimes don't. The only difference between their belief and yours is they think they are more right than you. As an education worker you now have a clear example of how to act and how to feel about what you are doing if you don't get around to following all the guidelines and if you don't complete all your work don't feel so bad, trustees do it all the time. Make sure if you follow their example you have a ready excuse and lots of people to blame as to why you didn't get your work done or follow a particular guideline since trustees and administrators are sure to have an excuse and this is an example you can also follow. Bottom line, the next time someone mentions you have to follow a guideline or policy ask if them if they'd like you to do it the "trustee way" or the way you think it should be done.

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  1. Somebody is watching - within two hours the dead link referred to above is now working - funny it hasn't worked for the past 6 months


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