Again??? New Trustees Set To Ban Gay Straight Alliances and HPV vaccine

The Halton Catholic District School Board's newly elected trustees are preparing to make the Board the subject of national criticism once again by resurrecting the past. A source tells HCDSB NEWS that the newly elected trustees and their newly elected Chair Jane Michael have been discussing in private, ways in which to ban Gay Straight Alliances and the HPV vaccine programs in the following days and months. The group promoting the extremist action includes the new trustees backed up by old trustees including A. Danko and J. Michael the Chair. They may face stiff opposition from the moderate group of veteran trustees previously lead by Dianne Rabenda and including Paul Marai and John Rowe but the fight may be short lived since they are out numbered. It will be interesting to see if the Director Paula Dawson does what she's told to do or tells the Board to follow Ministry guidelines. If she opposes the Board her retirement will be sooner rather than later. These types of splits can be titanic in nature and result for school Board trustees.

The last time the Board did this in 2010/11 it was instigated by trustees themselves claiming there was a large part of society that was demanding it. Make no mistake this is simple garden variety minority opinion representing itself delusionally as majority opinion. You'd think they'd learned their lesson back in 2010 when they received international condemnation and single-handedly revived the Catholic education debate. The results are predictable. There will be lots of legal bills because of infighting and most of the public criticism will be focused on ending Catholic education. Ironically history may record that Catholics themselves brought about the demise of their own system.

If national media attention is once again focused on the HCDSB you can bet that two things will happen. 1. Your Board will receive an overwhelming amount of public criticism. 2. The HCDSB and all who attend and work for it will be tarred with the same brush of homophobic creationist criticism.

To learn if this will be a tempest in a teapot or a hurricane make sure to read the minutes of your next Board meeting.

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