Chair J Michael Thinks She's a Director of Education - Contacts Medical Officer of Health Regarding HPV

As reported by HCDSBNEWS in December it appears that the trustees have again been having unreported discussions about HPV vaccinations. In a letter dated January 8, 2015 she contacts Dr. Hamidah Megahani, the medical officer of health for the Halton region, to ask a number of stunningly basic questions regarding vaccinations such as what occurs on a health department visit to a school, how do they ensure parental permission has been granted? and how to they ensure mistakes in administering the vaccine don't occur?

What has occurred at the schools that has prompted a letter from the Chair of the Board? Has she or other trustees received numerous questions or complaints, if so how many? from parents? Catholic organizations against HPV vaccinations? who exactly? or is this just another example of trying to create a concern where none exists for political or strictly religious reasons?

According to HCDSB Recommended Guidelines For Trustee Communications Michael isn't supposed to be concerning herself in the day to day operation of the schools because that's the Director's job. At best these questions would be handled by the appropriate Superintendent and their answers would already be well known. You'd think the Director of Education could handle this sort of question in her sleep but apparently she wasn't asked or if she was couldn't answer some basic questions as to what goes on in her schools or at least couldn't answer the questions to Michael's satisfaction. According to the guidelines when Michael finds it necessary to write formal letters it is supposed to be limited to parents, students and/or constituents. She is supposed to leave the day to day administration of the Board to the Director of Education according to Board policy Trustee Code of Conduct  The one loophole in The Trustee Code of Conduct is she can seek information for other trustees for agenda items. Although the above letter is from the full report of the Board meeting on January 20, 2014 it was never mentioned on the agenda.

What is to be learned from the Chair's activities? Once again you see trustees involving themselves in matters they should not be involved in at least without significant justification, (which in this case is lacking) creating and fostering a lack of transparency in what they are planning. One can only speculate as to their true motives but I'd bet we'll see a new debate regarding HPV and vaccinations in the coming months completely invented by trustees out of thin air. 

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