Former President Richard Brock Posting Obscene Material On Twitter

Most days former disgraced President Richard Brock portrays himself on his Twitter page as a valiant defender of women's rights, so you have to wonder how he really feels about women when you see the following tweet he posted without comment on Feb 28, 2015. Keep in mind this isn't a re-tweet, he found it and posted it.

The above picture posted by Richard Brock is a well known viral fake that has had the top portion cropped from the original below;

Posting of this type of material isn't funny, it's obscene and reflects badly on those who post it. If you post it on Twitter or Facebook it embarrass those that follow you and doubly so if one of the followers is your wife or Board Chair. Everyone's most basic understanding of the internet includes there are images and stories that are complete fakes. If there is some legitimate reason for posting this trash it wasn't mentioned in his tweet. So much for being a defender of women's rights. An apology and immediate removal is required.

Tip to Richard - It's easy to spot a fake

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