Halton OECTA Units Help Make Union History

A close fought battle for the position of President of OECTA provincial was won this past weekend by Ann Hawkins who had overwhelming support from both the Elementary and Secondary units of Halton. Only 20 votes separated Ann from defeat so without the support of the Halton units Ann's win would have been impossible. Ann expressed her appreciation personally to both unit Presidents, Nina March and Keith Boyd. This signals a new era of support and cooperation with the provincial executive and is an invaluable relationship that could not have been possible under former disgraced president Richard Brock.
Keith Boyd

Nina March

Of particular noteworthy history was the election of Sean Roberts of Halton Oecta secondary to the position of OTF Governor. This is the first time an Halton Oecta member has been elected to this position and is certainly to be considered a feather in any units hat to have one of their members garner this type of support on a province wide basis. He is also one of the youngest members ever appointed to such a coveted position. Hats off to Sean, congratulations on a job well done and thanks to all Halton Elementary and Secondary sisters and brothers who worked on his behalf. A great example of units forming a positive relationship and accomplishing something together that neither could have accomplished alone.

Sean Roberts Celebrating with Ann Hawkins, Jason Riley and Mark Whinton 

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  1. That's Super News! Congratulations to all involved!


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