Hater Group Quotes Hitler, Stalin and Removes Anti Catholic Tweet

The ever comical oectawatchdog hater group on Twitter is now removing anti Catholic tweets and quoting the likes of Hitler, Stalin and Lenin, among others. Quoting Hitler and the like is a little tricky on Twitter given there are only 140 characters to use so there is precious little room left to put the quote in context, which is an absolute must at a minimum lest someone retweets it. Unsurprisingly no one has retweeted the quotes.

If there was any doubt as to the motives behind oeactawatchdog this deleted tweet to the Premier and chief fart catcher to Richard Brock and fellow Oecta hater David Chiarelli of Feb 11, 2015, says it all. As is the common practice of the author it is in large font which is a good thing since it's easier to read when copied.

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