Is Jane Michael Pals with Former Disgraced Union President Richard Brock?

It appears former OECTA Elementary President Richard Brock, who was booted from office in back in 2013 is still able to maintain his relationships at the HCDSB at the highest levels. Jane Michael follows him and has recently taken to retweeting some of Richard's tweets such as the one below.

Maybe Jane is unaware of the details of Richard being removed from office in disgrace and then taking $60,000 of elementary teachers money. Maybe Jane doesn't understand that retweeting information confirms to her followers that she thinks this person is a reliable source of information that she relies on, or maybe Jane doesn't know a lot of elementary teachers have long memories and are less than amused at being relieved of $60,000.

Just as teachers and other Board employees are reminded on a regular basis that they face greater public scrutiny at work as well as in their private lives, the Chair of the Halton Catholic District School Board faces the same expectations which means you need to act impartially and be "be perceived" as acting impartially in everything you now do. If you want a Twitter account that states you are the Chair of the HCDSB and you want to tweet about the weather that's super, all the best, but if you start retweeting things from Brtiney SpearsMiley CyrusRob Ford etc, you might hear about it. I'm sure that Ms Spears simply forgot to put on her underwear that one time or that the picture was photoshopped, either way I wouldn't be following her or retweeting her stuff if you know what I mean.

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  1. From what we have already learned about Ms. Michael, it comes as no surprise that she would be bedfellows with the likes of Richard Brock, a disgraced OECTA unit president and teacher. I guess it's true that "birds of a feather stick together"!


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