Charity Money Collected For Needy Students Goes Missing

BURLINGTON - In 2007 the former charity known as the Foundation for Excellence in Catholic Education (FECE) transferred $203,193 to the Halton Catholic District School Board, itself a registered charity. At the time of the transfer in 2007 the Foundation for Excellence in Catholic Education reported having $0 assets. The charity has since been renamed in 2012 and operates as "The Halton Catholic Children's Education Foundation" (HCCEF) but the $203,193 hasn't been returned to it. A source tells HCCEF NEWS that when directors of the charity asked where the money went when transferred to the HCDSB the answer was "no one knows". What is known is that the former FECE now renamed the HCCEF is supposed to help students in need of financial assistance. The money the HCCEF has raised has come primarily from elementary and secondary schools in the system that use student generated funds from activities like civvies days to buy entire tables for the charity's annual fundraiser an "Evening with Bishop Crosby" held in Oakville every year. Each year principals are contacted by a senior administrator in the HCDSB and asked to support the charity by purchasing a table for 10. The tables are usually filled with school staff, administration, parent council members and invited students. 

HCDSB NEWS has filed a Freedom of Information request with the HCDSB asking for all the financial records related to the transfer of the $203,193

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  1. All schools are being asked at staff meetings for teachers to donate money to this charity. Teachers are being asked to donate out of there pay cheaques or cash on the spot.

    Here is the the following from our director and the new representative every school has to promote this charity.
    Good morning,

    Imagine a world where every child grows up feeling good about who they are - a world where the playing field has been leveled, so that every child has access to the same opportunities that support success.  We are often unaware of the challenges many of our students face. There are too many students in our schools who are living quietly in need; wanting so badly to take part in the many activities that are open to their friends, yet they are limited by circumstances that are beyond their control. You and I can help. 
    Growing up, I was fortunate to be able to participate in a variety of sports and activities which helped me to develop a positive, healthy attitude toward life, and it is because of this blessing that I am passionate and committed to helping our students by donating to the Halton Catholic Children’s Education Foundation.  I believe that every child matters and that each of our students deserve to enjoy the fullness of life.
    As a school district, we value the whole child, looking for ways to create conditions that will support the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being of each of our students. 
    Yesterday, you received the email below from Marc Clare, Executive Director of HCCEF. As a Halton Catholic DSB employee, I encourage you to consider making a contribution to the Student Guardian Campaign through either payroll deductions or one-time giving. Everyone has financial obligations, and you know best what you can manage. Any amount you can spare – even just a dollar each pay period would go a long way to help a child in our very own HCDSB community. Please give it some thought.
    Together, we can turn the wonderful things we imagine into reality for the students entrusted to our care.
    Paula Dawson
    Director of Education
    Halton Catholic District School Board
    802 Drury Lane, Burlington, ON L7R 2Y2
    (905) 632-6314, ext. 115 |

    1. It's not everyday you see the Director resending someones email. Legally it is a completely separate entity and as such the HCCEF has no more influence at HCDSB schools than any other charity although clearly it seems to be getting special treatment like free office space, personal endorsements from the Director, Board employees working on its behalf etc. Also staff meetings shouldn't be used as an opportunity to pick employee pockets, you are there for curriculum matters.. It puts employees in an uncomfortable position and gives the HCCEF an unfair advantage over other charities that are not being given the same opportunity.


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