HCCEF's Missing $203,193 - documents reveal $O spent on Needy Children

BURLINGTON - An ongoing investigation into the finances of the Halton Catholic Children's Education Foundation (HCCEF) has revealed that the missing $203,193 that the charity had in 2007 and previously reported by the  HCDSB NEWS, was indeed transferred to the Halton Catholic District School Board. According to documents recently released to HCDSB NEWS under a freedom of information request. None of the $203,193 was given to needy children or their families.

The documents show that the money was transferred from FECE (now renamed HCCEF) to the HCDSB, which is itself a charity. There is no reason stated as to why the money was given to the HCDSB. The HCDSB put the money into its general revenue account in April 2007. From there it was given to schools which in turn spent most of the money on furniture, textbooks and classroom supplies.There is no expense listed for charity, charitable programs, needy children etc. 

How much of the money is still left is unknown but assumed to be zero given the transfer occurred over eight years ago. According to the Ministry of Education fundraising guidelines and HCDSB Board Policy V-4 the purchase of classroom materials and textbooks is an unacceptable use of fundraising proceeds.

Before any support is given for the HCCEF's Student Guardian Campaign, Charity Golf ClassicWalk With Jesus or the Evening with Bing Crosby  fundraisers, make sure you are completely satisfied that the HCCEF will account for all the money raised after each event and that most of the money collected is given to needy children shortly after. If the HCCEF won't do it, don't support it. A review of HCCEF finances indicates that it will not get enough donations this year to pay the salary of its sole employee Marc Clare, therefore $0 will go to needy children this year.

There are many good charities out there like the United Way that gives 78% to charitable programs and other charities that support mental health, MS and many worthy causes. The HCCEF gives 0% to charitable programs and don't publish who they gave the money to. 

Please give your support to charities that show they help others. Contact your trustee and ask them to make the HCCEF dormant once again, or better yet file a complaint with the Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency. Its completely confidential and your employer will never know. It was a CRA complaint in 2001 that lead to the former charity FECE being made dormant. After that period of time individual schools could raise funds for the charities they knew and trusted but all that changed when former director Mike Pautler decided to resurrect it in 2012 and rename it the Halton Catholic Children's Education Foundation. 

As always the HCDSB NEWS invites your corrections, comments and criticisms and any replies received from people or institutions mentioned in any article will be published.