Help Pay Marc Clare's Salary by Donating to the HCCEF

HCDSB NEWS BURLINGTON - Meet the new guy running the Halton Catholic Children's Education Foundation Marc Clare. Trained as a teacher Marc was employed as a manager for a local YMCA over the past thirteen years.

Marc Clare at work YMCA April 2013

His new job is that of Executive Director of the Halton Catholic Children's Education Foundation. His salary will be $45,000. His duties will include taking the HCCEF from a floundering charity to a stellar one. 

He'd better have the Midas touch considering his stated yearly salary is in fact more than the charity currently brings in. In 2014 the HCCEF financial statements clearly indicate the charity, from all sources, had revenues of $62,011 and total expenses of $29,244. Leaving aside for the moment that this charity uses up 47 cents in expenses for every dollar it currently collects, total revenues minus total expenses leaves it with exactly $32,767 in which to pay Mr. Clare's $45,000/yr salary. This now leaves the HCCEF in the ridiculous position of having it's expenses exceed 100% of it's revenues and leaves it open to having it's registration as a charity revoked by the CRA. Mr. Clare certainly has his work cut out for him.

This past week Director Dawson sent out a lovely tear stained hard sell email to all employees about her childhood and how you and her were unaware of needy children all around you etc. etc. and asking for you to donate to the HCCEF through payroll deductions or hard cash. While some VPs and Principals will be falling over themselves to sign up out of fear of not being promoted the vast majority of other workers might want to ask a few questions first, like where did the $203,193 dollars go the charity once had, and why is the charity collecting money instead of spending it on the needy as mentioned in the Director's email? Why are Principals unable to answer any questions but always ready to ask for donations?

The Director is fully aware of this blog and all the criticisms levelled at the HCCEF but as your supreme leader, she seems unwilling or unable to respond to them, preferring instead to simply ignore them. And that's the same advice I'd give anyone donating to the HCCEF, simply ignore it. Don't worry about Mr. Clare he might keep his job for a while since part of his efforts will focus on shaking money out of the many corporate suppliers to the Board such as banks, insurance companies, paper towel suppliers you name it, the list is endless. The Board could always hire him as a teacher if this gig doesn't work out. He has some fairly good contacts.

Frank Crouchman, B. Crosby, Marc Clare

Bottom line - bad charities take money out of your pocket and also that of good charities so donate to a worthy charity every chance you get, just don't be a sucker.

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