Nanna's Complaint Letter Tells The HCDSB She's Not a Fan of Oral Sex or Homosexuals and Chair Insults Gay Students and Fellow Gay Trustee by Publishing it.

BURLINGTON - Two seniors decided to give the HCDSB an earful about the new sex education curriculum in a letter dated March 27th 2025.

The letter was received by the Directors office April 2, 2015 and appears to be in response to a questionaire sent out by trustees. It is poorly written and clearly homophobic, disrespectful, insulting and politicaly motivated. Nonetheless, Chair Jane Michael, ever the extremist Catholic and the one who is responsible for the Board's agenda and minutes decided it was a good idea to include the letter below on the last page of the full report of the April 7th, 2015 Board meeting. The letter writer and fellow extremist, Linda Jachymek, seems to have a history of complaining about teachers participating in gay pride parades, abortion funding and the chemical abortion pill which she thinks is tied to Nazi death camps.

Most people would agree that letters like this should not be published due to there homophobic comments. For the Chair to decide to publicly include this in the full meeting report is telling and reflects poorly on her and the other trustees. Perhaps Jane is unaware there are gay students and that fellow trustee Paul Marai is gay. 

Paul Marai and Jane Michael

Jane, next time ask for advice from the Board's numerous communications people before doing something so obviously wrong and insulting. 

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  1. Wow! Major faux pas! This would easily be front page news if the Toronto Sun got a hold of it. Seems like the HCDSB Ship has gone adrift and all those responsible for keeping it afloat having abandoned ship?! And before Jane Michael left she made a huge error in judgement, one that is very insulting. It will be tough to get this "horse" back in the proverbial barn.

  2. I don't believe the Chair did anything wrong. Isn't it necessary for every parent/grandparent's opinion to be heard? And clearly Jane and fellow trustee Paul Marai are friends as that picture appears to have been taken on a restaurant patio! Good for them :)

    1. Absolutely every grandparent should be heard and absolutely they should state their opinion without being being homophobic. If Paul Marai is good friends with Jane Michael all the more reason she should be more sensitive to such things. If you had a close black friend would you go around using the "N" word and claim your friend doesn't mind?

    2. I am shocked that you just said using the word "gay" is the same as using the N word..... There is nothing wrong with using that word. You mentioned in your above "blog" that there are gay students and people should be sensitive to that, yet you just implied even saying the word is terrible. Maybe you should practice what you preach......

    3. You're suffering from a common argumentation fallacy. He stated no such thing. It is very clear that you shouldn't be expressing homophobic prejudices any more than you should be expressing racial predjudices.

    4. I do practice what I preach. I implied the act of being homophobic is terrible.


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