What Is The Correct Answer, A, B, or C? What The HCCEF is Really Doing With The Money It Collects

HCDSB NEWS Burlington - An on going investigation into the finances of the Halton Catholic Children's Education Foundation (HCCEF) tries to determine just what is being done with the money collected. You'd think that the answer would be self-evident, they simply give all or most the money to needy students. This failed to happen when under it's old name the HCCEF transferred $203,193 from its own account to the HCDSB leaving itself with $0.

As previously reported by the HCDSB NEWS here the HCCEF has spent exactly $0 dollars on charitable programs according to its own financial reports submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). On closer examination of the HCCEF's  T3010 Schedule 6 return it would appear that the charity has been granted permission to accumulate funds, or in other words, simply collect funds for some determined amount of time without spending any of it. The general public has not been made aware of this major secret likely out of the fear that few people would be willing to donate to a charity that simply collects money.

From Schedule 6 of the CRA HCCEF return it states the following;

Complete Schedule 6 if any of the following applies:
a) The charity's revenue exceeds $100,000.
b) The amount of all property (for example, investments, rental properties) not used in charitable activities is more than $25,000.
c) The charity has permission to accumulate funds during this fiscal period.

Do not complete Section D: Financial Information, if you must complete Schedule 6.

As is already known, the HCCEF doesn't have revenues in excess of $100,000  so the answer isn't "A". It doesn't own property of any kind so the answer isn't "B" and as requested, it did not complete section "D". That leaves "C" as the only possible answer and fully explains why the charity hasn't been reporting any spending on charitable programs as has been previously reported.

If the HCCEF has been granted permission to accumulate funds it has a duty to make that known to the public. It's sole reason to exist is to help needy students and if they are accumulating funds they need to fully explain that to one and all otherwise what's the point in raising funds or donating if they are just going to sit on the money? Acting is if everything is fine and the average person doesn't know about the Internet and social media and no one will find out...is not a strategy or an option. 

This is the modern age, from children to seniors, school volunteers, support staff, retirees, administrators, teachers and unions all read  this blog so if you happen to be someone who is running the HCCEF how about letting everyone know just what the hell is going on.

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