Catholic Extremists Lose Battle Over Sex Ed Curriculum

BURLINGTON - Trustees Anthony Danko and rookie trustee Anthony Quinn lead an effort to derail the implementation of Ontario's new sex education curriculum at Tuesday evenings board meeting. Danko had proposed a motion to delay its implementation and Quinn publicly gave his support. Level headed trustees ensured it went down in flames and the motion was defeated. Nanna and her supporters were not happy.

Both Danko and Quinn had wanted the curriculum revised by Catholic Bishops, a group well known for its lack of sexual expertise. As of late Tuesday evening the twitter accounts of the HCDSB, Jane MichaelPaula Dawson, Anthony Quinn and Arlene Iantomasi make no mention of it. The HCDSB account shows kids on a field trip to Ottawa, Jane's gushes over a new Microsoft app, Paula's mentions the HIEC Breakfast, Anthony's congratulates a hockey player for signing with the NHL and Arlene congratulates Alice Anne LeMay for something. 

Once again the brain trust at the HCDSB seems to be hell bent on delivering insincere congratulations and mind numbing drivel to those that are employed by them. Have they deluded themselves into thinking that their employees don't want to know what really goes on?

UPDATE: Thursday June 4, The Star covers the parking lot fight after meeting - Police called in.

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