Students and Employees Not Invited To Town Hall Meetings - Only Parents and Ratepayers asked to attend Brain Washing Exercise

BURLINGTON - The HCDSB is holding Town Hall meetings at selected high schools starting June 11, 2015. The Town Hall meetings are supposed to provide information on the Board's strategic planning process which they refer to as "Fulfilling The Promise: Strategic Directions For 2010-2015".  As an added show of respect the Board has decided not to invite staff or students and you must register for the event and give them your email. 

If you do plan on attending make sure to ask the following questions about how well the strategic plan has worked so far;

Why don't you include student statistics on how many go to college, university or work? 

Why did former Director Mike Pautler, author of the strategic plan, try to fire the Principal and others of the Notre Dame staff?

Why is the Board closing classrooms at Notre Dame contrary to the best interests of students and staff?

Why is the graph dealing with respect for employees on page 4 of the strategic plan 8 years out of date and stating "80% of staff will report being treated as valued and respected by 2011"? Isn't that a completely fictitious number based on absolutely nothing that is already out of date?

Why does the Board spend tens of thousands in student funding to keep information out of public hands? 

Why did the trustees overpay Director Paula Dawson by $17,000 . They hired her and gave her a contract, can't they read and do simple math?

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