HCCEF - Top Three Reasons Not To Attend Bishop Crosby Dinner

1.     Change in HCCEF leadership. Retired HCDSB Director Fred Sweeney is now the new Chair of the HCCEF replacing former HCDSB employee Frank Crouchman. In 2001 the HCDSB faced a charity probe by revenue Canada for illegally donating taxpayer money to political parties. Fred Sweeney bought tickets for himself and trustees to attend numerous Progressive Conservative fundraisers. Sweeney In response to the story by the Spectator said "the Board is not a registered charity, and said he has no idea why it (the HCDSB) would have filed registered charity tax returns." Revenue Canada informed Mr. Sweeney the HCDSB was in fact a registered charity and threatened to revoke their charitable status. Using money donated to help educate children by purchasing tickets to PC fundraisers for himself and trustees - not a good thing.

Former HCDSB Director Fred Sweeney

2.     Over the summer the HCCEF refiled their charity tax returns making some big changes in order to correct some inaccurately submitted financial information. The charts below show the 2013 financials as they originally appeared on the CRA charity website and how they have recently been changed in the summer of 2015. The change was likely the result of a previous HCDSB NEWS story that had a link to the CRA website showing the HCCEF had spent $0 dollars on charitable programs. The link in the previous story is still working it just shows the "new" revised financials instead of the previous financial chart showing $0 dollars.

First submission to CRA for 2013 financials
2013 financials as they now appear after being changed in summer 2015

3.     Compared to the United Way of Burlington and Greater Hamilton the HCCEF spends 77 cents of every dollar collected to pay for expenses such as management, administration and fundraising activities whereas the United way of Burlington and Greater Hamilton spent 22 cents of every dollar donated on the identical expenses according to the current 2014 filings on the CRA charities website. The HCCEF exists inside the main offices of the HCDSB and pays no rent, heat, hydro etc and has one paid employee. Most fundraising is carried out by volunteers.

If you are donating to a charity whose leader didn't know he was running a charity, donated charity money to political parties, submitted inaccurate information to the CRA on numerous occasions over several years and spent 77 cents of every dollar collected on expenses, then maybe its time to consider donating to the United Way instead of the HCCEF.  Good charities help people -  don't be a sucker.

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