Tax Records Reveal HCDSB Issued Over $40,000 in Bogus Tax Receipts to Other Charities?

BURLINGTON May 9, 2016 - HCDSB NEWS FOI update: After having refused an initial Freedom of Information request for records of who the HCDSB gave tax receipts to for over 1 million dollars and following a costly appeal process, the Director Paula Dawson has decided to reverse her initial decision to withhold the records. 

Apparently after a successful appeal was launched by the HCDSB NEWS the Information and Privacy Commissioner convinced Director Dawson that withholding the information was not the best idea.

The tax records reveal that the Halton Catholic District School Board has been issuing tax receipts for tens of thousands of dollars to other charities, something that the CRA has told HCDSB NEWS is against the rules. Below is a list of some of the charities issued tax receipts by the Halton Catholic District School Board.

Charity of Hope

Rotary Club of Oakville

RBC Foundation

TD Friends of The Environment

The Halton District School Board

The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

Holy Rosary Church

Knights of Columbus

Lighthouse Charitable Foundation

In total more than $40,000 in official tax receipts were issued to the charities between the years of 2011 and 2014. According to the CRA a registered charity such as the HCDSB shall not issue tax receipts to other charities, the rule is plain and clear. The HCDSB NEWS has requested an explanation from the HCDSB finance department. 

The HCDSB operates a second charity called the Halton Catholic Childrens Education Foundation which is currently running in the red so one has to wonder why they have two charities in the first place when one would do and why are they having so much trouble running them?

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