Catholic School Board Trustees Promote "Killing Justin Bieber" Stories in Schools

BURLINGTON  The real reason behind the charity change - The new charities list from the HCDSB includes Halton Alive (Halton Pro Life). Halton Alive hands out a free student guide book in all Catholic schools that shows how to trick students into becoming pro life supporters by giving them candy and imagining killing Justin Bieber. 

Below is an excerpt  from the "By Students For Students" guide from the Halton Alive website taken March 27, 2018. Trustees Karabela, Quinn and Danko have publicly promised to support and promote it. (Yes they are the same Trustees that wanted the new charities list to include pro life charities.)

Trustees Karabela, Quinn and Danko are all card carrying pro life members and according to Board whisperer Lawyer Geoff Cauchi they are bound by the laws of the church. They have "promised" their full public support to having this information in the schools just check out their Campaign Life Coalition answers and promises where they publicly state they will;

From the Campaign Life Coalition website - Anthony Danko questionnaire March 27, 2018

Handing out "student guide books" that have students imagine killing Canadian icon Justin Bieber (and other celebrities) is perfectly ok with them and in fact have promised to help do just that. All for the sake of getting an endorsement from Canada's biggest pro life group so they can get elected.

(as a result of this story it is expected that links to Halton Alive "for students guide" book and Campaign Life Coalition information may become inactive shortly. HCDSBNEWS has full copies of the guide if needed)

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