Gay Trustee Paul Marai Goes Straight? He Now Supports Trustees Karabela, Quinn and Danko In Their Gay Bashing Agenda

BURLINGTON -  No person worth their salt would support a group of well known gay bashers, but that's exactly what Paul Marai has done. As a gay, Paul is one of the 1.7% of our population that identifies as homosexual. according to Statistics Canada (here), and that puts him deep into minority status. 

Head of the smallest minority in Canada and part time eye wear fashion model

Being in a minority is tough enough but Paul is also a big time PC supporter who's day job is working for the PC's favourite "Robo Call" polling firm RMG as a Director of something digital (here). He is also a Catholic. So you have a homosexual Catholic right wing conservative who supports gay bashers. He might as well join the Communist party while he's at it. I'm fairly certain his minority status is not being tracked by Statistics Canada because they don't publish millionths of a percent. 

Paul would be the first to tell you as a trustee he has voted to support gay issues many times at the HCDSB and this is true and commendable.  As an aspiring politician and working at a polling company you'd think he'd know the first rule of politics is to be consistent with your words and actions otherwise your supporters can never trust you on a particular issue. Public trust is the life blood of a politician and without it they're dead. Paul has been spilling plenty of his own blood lately. Just the other day he voted in support of a motion (see link) that would stop students and staff fundraising for any group associated with homosexuals or homosexual issues. The Gay Bashing Trustees (GBTs the "L" is silent) he helped, Karabela, Quinn, Danko et al (see link) all believe that homosexuality is a form of pedophilia according to their religious beliefs so you have to ask why a homosexual man would lend his support to such a group for such an obvious anti-gay cause. He may come up with a logical, rational, well reasoned explanation but so far hasn't. 

Note to Paul: If you are thinking of running again in the next election you can't be a flaming heterosexual one day and a flaming homosexual the next. It's not that the majority of the voting public is homophobic, they aren't,  it's just that you're confusing them. Trust is defined "as the firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone" according to my Google home mini. So if you'd like to have the public's trust stop switching teams - don't deny your homosexuality on Sundays or when you vote as a Trustee - stick with a firm, reliable set of beliefs and God will reward you.

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