One LGBTQ Student, Staff Member or Trustee Can Tank The New Fundraising Policy in 15 Minutes - Here's a Step by Step Guide

BURLINGTON - Changing the HCDSB's recent discriminatory fundraising policy maybe easier than you think. Anyone who is a student, staff or Trustee at the HCDSB age 18 or over can file a Human Rights application based on sexual orientation and it's a totally free no risk anonymous process. The law is on your side.

As a member of the LGBTQ community the new fundraising policy has taken away your previous right to fundraise and donate to causes you may support such as mental health, suicide, parental rights, marital rights, cancer research etc. because the policy has the affect of excluding LGBTQ friendly charities. It's true - one person can make a difference. - The hard part is already done, just cut and paste the underlined sections in the appropriate box.

Below is a step by step guide on how to do it. Follow the steps exactly, cut and paste the underlined parts into the form where directed and in 15 minutes you may be able to stop discrimination at the HCDSB. If you have any questions just leave an anonymous comment.- Good Luck!

FirstTo get started you need to download the online "Smartform"  It's a pdf form from the Human Rights Tribunal you fill out and send in electronically. When you click on the link it may say "Please wait" - just download it and open it using your native Adobe app. Once you've downloaded it open it and follow the steps below in order to fill out the form. 

Step A     Section 1. under Personal contact Information. Fill out this section and fill out section 2 with the same contact info if you want to remain anonymous from the Board. This way the Human Rights Tribunal will know who to contact but the HCDSB won't know who you are.

Step B     In sections 3 and 3A You don't need a lawyer to file an application but if you have one this is where you fill in their contact info. Most applicants don't use a lawyer and leave this section blank.

Step C    In section 4. under Respondent Contact Information. First check the box "Organization Respondent" . Next in the space under "Full Name of Organization" cut and paste the following;

"Halton Catholic District School Board"

Next, under "Name of The Contact Person from The Organization" cut and paste the following;

First name - "Paula" Last name - "Dawson" Title - "Director of Education"

Street # "802" Street Name - "Drury Lane"  Apt/Suite - (leave blank)

City/Town - "Burlington" Province - "Ontario" Postal Code - "L7R 2Y2" Email - "

Daytime Phone - "905 632 6300" Cell Phone, Fax/TTY (leave blank)

Step D    In section 5 under "Grounds for Discrimination", 5. Ground Claimed, there are 20 boxes, check the box "Sexual Orientation" 

Step E     In section 6 under the heading "Area of Alleged Discrimination" there are 5 boxes, check the box "Goods, Services and Facilities" It also says to complete Form 1-C but the form is unavailable at this time so disregard it. Beside the heading - Does your application involve discrimination in other areas? check the "No" box - leave the rest of section 6 alone and proceed to section 7.

Step F      In section 7 under "Location and Date" - do the following - at 7 a) check "yes" , 7 b) type "Burlington, Ontario" at 7 c) type "March 20, 2018" 7 d) leave blank

Step G     In section 8 under "What Happened" cut and paste the following in the box;

The Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB) created a fundraising policy that discriminates against my sexual orientation contrary to the Ontario Human Rights Code.
Specifically as a student / staff of the HCDSB I am being prevented from donating or raising funds for charities that financially support LGBTQ issues due to the fact the HCDSB fundraising policy V-04 is being changed to exclude charities that support LGBTQ issues. As an example I am now unable to donate or raise funds for to the Canadian Cancer Society and the United Way. Prior to the recent change in policy V-04 the HCDSB had a long history of raising and donating funds to the Canadian cancer society and the United Way charities.

Step H     In section 9 under "How The Events You described Affected You" cut and paste the following in the box;

I am now prohibited from raising funds and donating to charities that support LGBTQ causes. That I am now prohibited from raising funds or donating to issues such as LQBTQ mental health, suicide, parental rights, marital rights, cancer research etc. is causing me to endure social, emotional and financial isolation related stigma.

Step I      In section 10 under "The Remedy You Are Asking For" - leave Monetary and Non Monetary sections blank and go directly to Remedy For Future Compliance, check the box then cut and paste the following in the box;

The remedy requested is that the HCDSB be prohibited from instituting fundraising policies that have the effect of discriminating against LGBTQ communities. 

Step J    In section 11 you are asked if you'd like to participate in mediation. Click the box if you want to try mediation, if you don't click the box your application will still move forward. (see explanation in section 11) Your choice.

Step K    In sections 12, 13, 14 and 15  you are asked if you have started other complaints - click the "No" box in sections 12, 13, 14 and 15 and proceed to section 16.

Step L    In section 16 you are asked for important documents. In the box "Document Name" - cut and paste the following in the box;

Web page from the HCDSB website

In the "Why Is It Important To My Application" box cut and paste the following in the box then proceed to section 17;

It shows the new requirements charities have to meet or be excluded according to the changes in fundraising policy V-04

Step M    In section 17 in the "Document Name" box cut and paste the following into the box.

List of charities approved by the HCDSB in accordance with the changes to policy V-04

In the box titled "Why is It Important To My Application" cut and paste the following in the box;

The list confirms that approved charities listed do not support LGBTQ issues in many or all instances. They are religious or pro life in nature and known to oppose LQBTQ issues.

In the box titled "Name Of Respondent That Has It" cut and paste the following in the box;

Paula Dawson, Director of Education, HCDSB

Step N    Leave section 18 blank and proceed to section 19. In the box titled "Witnesses" cut and paste the following in the box;

Diane Rabenda

In the box titled "Why This Witness Is Important To my Application" cut and paste the following in the box;

She is the Chair of the HCDSB and responsible for the creation and implementation of policy V-04.

Step O    Leave sections 20 and 22 blank (there is no section 21) and proceed to the "Signature Date" box in section 23 and type in the date you filled out this application. Next go to the box below where it says "Please check this box..." and click on the box.

Step P    The last step is to go to the box "Submit To HRTO" and click on it to submit your application - Congratulations - you have just done a great thing and helped countless persons in need. The HRTO will be in contact with you but remember you can always remain completely anonymous if you choose to.

As always the HCDSB NEWS invites your corrections, comments and criticisms and any replies received from people or institutions mentioned in any article will be published.