Trustee Anthony Quinn Bravely Risks His Job at CARP To Discriminate Against Student Charities

HCDSBNEWS BURLINGTON - CARP is Canada's leading advocacy group for people over 50 and HCDSB Trustee Anthony Quinn is their Director of community affairs, a high profile position at CARP that has him frequently in the public eye according to his twitter account @CARPquinn

Anthony may be unaware that most large employers like CARP and the Halton Catholic District School Board can dismiss an employee (according to the HCDSB's own lawyers Hicks Morley) for acting in ways outside of working hours that may harm the company they work for.

CARP is one of Canada's largest advocacy groups who have championed causes contrary to Anthony's Catholic beliefs such as "end of life decisions" as well as same sex marriage rights among others, but don't expect to see Anthony tweeting about this anytime soon.

Anthony's problem is that in his role as a Catholic trustee he is trying to discriminate against charities and "not -for-profits" which would put his own employer CARP at the top of the list of not-for-profits that he wants to ban from the schools and prevent students from donating to. Also he should have declared a conflict of interest since CARP, his employer, is a not-for-profit. If this motion by the HCDSB was adopted by other school boards across the country advocacy groups like CARP who accept donations may be hard hit.

On top of this personal problem he faces the fact that he and all the other trustees forgot to declare a conflict of interest regarding their own charities, the Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB) and the Halton Catholic Children's Education Foundation (HCCEF). Yes the school board (HCDSB) and the HCCEF are registered charities controlled by the school board so the motion to discriminate against other charities would naturally have a beneficial effect on their own charities and here in lies the conflict. The trustees shouldn't favor their own charities by making sure students can only fund raise for them by eliminating their competition.

Wait till the head of CARP and Zoomermedia boss Moses Znamier weighs in on this controversy and  finds out Anthony, who also opposed gay rights in 2016 is not the advocate type. Anthony doesn't seem to have any ethical issues taking money from a not-for-profit like his employer CARP - just donating to one.

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  1. Great to see you up and running again! Keep em coming...

  2. Great article. Glad you're exposing what's going on here.

  3. I wonder if he would use The Sick Children's Hospital if one of his children were sick. But the children cannot fundraise for it?

  4. Was he reelected as a trustee in 2018?


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