Add Danko's Wife To The List Of People Supporting The Students

BURLINGTON April 27, 2018 - Add Maria Danko the wife of Halton Catholic District School Board trustee Anthony Danko to the list of supporters of the world famous Sickkids hospital. It's one of the charities that student trustees and HCDSB students support and that her husband opposes. It would appear that along with wife Maria and his priest Father Con O'Mahoney (previous story here) of St Andrew in Oakville, Anthony is unable to garner support for his extremist charity ban from those closest to him. Like his extremists friends (previous story here) Anthony Danko couldn't care a less what anyone else thinks even if its his wife, priest or Bishop. The HCDSB needs people like Danko - Maria not Anthony.


This twitter post shows Maria and friends to be quite happy raising funds for a charity banned by her husband's extremist fellow trustees Helena Karabela, Anthony Quinn, Susan Trites and Paul Marai 

Hats off to Marie Danko, student trustees and all HCDSB students for being on the right side of history ! 

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