Halton Catholic DSB Trustee Danko's Own Priest Doesn't Support Him - Why Should Anyone Else?

BURLINGTON April 11, 2018 When you stand up in public as a Catholic trustee and propose a motion that effects 33,000 students and their families and relies exclusively on Catholic teaching for it's reasoning, you'd probably want to run it by your local Priest first. Unless of course you think you're God's local representative.

Anthony Danko Fool of The Month Club Winner

Anthony Danko's parish is St. Andrew in Oakville and the Pastor is Father Cornelius (Con) O' Mahoney. In a statement to HCDSBNEWS.org Father Con says Danko's actions regarding the fundraising ban are "very troubling" to him and the Bishop and it's not the first time that Danko has embarrassed the church. Father Con doesn't support Danko and in fact states "For the record, I've been in full support of the kids". 

When your own Priest and Bishop tell you that they don't support what you're doing as a Catholic trustee and what you do is "very troubling", maybe it's time to call it a day.  As a Catholic trustee it's a basic requirement, you can't be a Catholic trustee if your own religion doesn't support you.

Danko's charity ban reasoning was all based on an interpretation of the Catholic religion that he simply made up. An interpretation that he didn't bother discussing with his own priest and one the Bishop doesn't much care for. People like Anthony are best described as fools, not Catholic trustees.

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  1. What is even more troubling is the fact that he is still permitted to hold his seat as a Catholic Trustee who is telling heresies. I'll bet that in any other religion this will not stand. Dank needs our prayers so please pray he receives clarity of mind. Thank you


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