Halton Catholic Trustee Anthony Danko Makes a Living Selling Pro Choice Information

BURLINGTON April 27, 2018 - Anthony Danko's Linkedin profile shows he works at ProQuest selling information databases to libraries. It's a global company which has an estimated 125 billion pages of information in it's databases and sells them to schools and libraries nation wide. Anthony is the Account Manager for Northeastern US and Canada.

Anthony Danko

The databases have tens of thousands of articles on everything from contraception, euthanasia, abortion, birth control pills, same sex marriage to assisted suicide - you name it they have it.

You can do a free search of his company's database here and search for all kinds of information. You'll see the ProQuest logo at the bottom of the page.

His job might effect his Green Light rating with his chums at Campaign Life Coalition since they want truly committed people who are pro life professionally and privately 24/7 not some fake who turns it off at work and on at a Board meeting. Ideally Anthony should be selling bibles and crucifixes but that market is a bit slow right now. 

He makes no public mention or reference to pro life issues in the slightest on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin like other professionals do because it's just not good for business. Is he ashamed of his beliefs? A check of the minutes of board meetings shows he doesn't even say the words "pro life". Given his Facebook pro life supporters you'd think he could at least say the words.

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