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BURLINGTON April 20, 2018 - Growing student lead protests against the charity ban created by trustees Anthony Danko, Helena Karabela, Paul Marai, Anthony Quinn and Susan Trites is spreading across the the entire HCDSB school system causing headaches for administration. The anti women's rights and anti gay charity ban has stopped students from raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society, Sick Kids Hospital, the United Way and all other major Canadian charities. The "sanctity of life" provision that charities must meet is widely seen as anti women and a disguised form of homophobia since it won't support any charity that doesn't support "Catholic Values" as defined by the group of 5 trustees. Their "sanctity of life" definition includes same sex marriage, contraception etc. It's an extremist Catholic doctrine that denies women's rights and is widely known to be anti gay. If you think I'm joking then read what Trustee's Danko, Karabela, Quinn and Trites have publicly stated on their questionnaire on the website Campaign Life Coalition when asked questions these questions - From Danko's questionnaire - here's his answers (Karabela's are the same);

Videos from today's protest:




Once again thanks to the students of the HCDSB for standing up for women and LGBTQ communities and for doing whats right - public support is on your side - keep up the protests!

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  1. As a former student of the HCDSB, thank you for this watchdog blog. The trustees were out of control back then (book banning, gay-straight alliance scandal, suggesting interrogating teachers for their views on abortion) and they still are now. This board is probably more responsible for my lifetime of mental illness than any other person or organization and I am loving seeing them get their public comeuppance at last. Hoping the government comes down on them and kicks these bums out for good.

    1. Anytime I can help let me know - you're comment means a lot to me and others - fighting back is a good way to stay in shape mentally - read the latest article today and pass it along - it shows the tactics these people use to control use and make believe we are wrong


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