It's Official - You Can't donate To LGBTQ or Catholic Charities At The Halton Catholic District School Board

BURLINGTON April 17, 2018 - In clear violation of Ontario's Human Rights Code The Halton Catholic District School Board has just issued a new policy on fundraising that prohibits any staff, parent council or student from raising money for causes such as aids research, suicide, mental health and homelessness issues among the LGBTQ community.

View the new policy here

They have also shot themselves in the foot in regard to raising money for Catholic causes. The new policy refers to the resolution #61/18 that states a charity who raises funds directly or indirectly is also banned for five years from raising funds in the HCDSB school system. It turns out that all Catholic Parishes, The Knights of Columbus, CWL or CYO groups have raised funds for Development and Peace which directly donated money to causes in violation of the sanctity of life motion. HCDSBNEWS reported it on April 5 that D&P had been giving money to the United Church of Canada. Since that time Bishops have also publicly stated they will drop support for D&P. 

Since D&P  has been linked by HCDSBNEWS to donating funds for issues that violate the sanctity of life resolution 61/18 all Catholic charities are effectively prohibited from receiving any donations from the HCDSB. If you want the recipe on how to piss everyone off and at the same time shot yourself in the foot then contact the following trustees -  Danko, Quinn, Karabela, Marai and Trites.  

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