Karabela Spends Thousands Sending Her Kids To Private Baptist School

BURLINGTON - April 13, 2018 - The last time a Halton Catholic trustee was found to be sending their child to a private school he wasn't re-elected for obvious reasons. That person was trustee Danko's good Facebook friend, Shifra house charity co-founder and former chair of the Board Robertus Van De Vrande.

Helena Karabela

There have been plenty of unconfirmed rumours regarding where Helena Karabela and husband Henry sent their kids to school. Turns out the rumours were all true. It seems the Karabelas' have been spending big money, estimated in excess of $100,000 to avoid sending their own children to the Catholic school system their mom has pledged to promote and support.

Daughter Madeleine's Linkedin profile;

Son Matthew doesn't show his high school on his Linkedin page but he does show up on King's Christian Collegiate  newsletter in 2006 and 2007 for winning numerous awards. Well done Matt!

According to the admissions process for King's Christian Collegiate the parents and student must agree to abide by very strict religious rules to be admitted. Their admissions form and rules are located here.  King's Christian Collegiate is run by King's Community Church and according to their own website - "Kings Community Church first grew out of the work of the Spirit at Chartwell Baptist Church in 2000."

The rules state the parents must attend church (theirs) and an annual golf tournament among other things. This maybe why you rarely see Helena and family on a regular basis at your local Catholic church. If she wants her kids to go to a private Baptist school she has to attend and participate in the King's Community Church instead of a Catholic church like all other trustees.

Some elected people have a lot to hide and they are easy to spot - they always claim to represent a majority but it turns out they represent someone else and just get lucky in an election. If Helena Karabela doesn't think enough of the Halton Catholic District School Board to send her own children to it like tens of thousands of others then maybe she shouldn't represent people who do. 

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  1. I smell a major conflict of interest here, but not your typical, household conflict of interest. This is far worse. I also smell someone who should resign immediately. This is unbelievable, but not surprising. With the history of HCDSB trustees in mind, there have been many situations like this. How can they show their faces in public??


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