"March For Life" Using Students as Political Lobbyists For Pro Life Anti Gay Agenda

BURLINGTON April 15, 2018 - Catholic schools don't spend much time educating students about political lobbyists or issues they want them to support. Firstly "March For Life" (MFL) is not a Charity or is it Catholic. It is simply a nice sounding harmless phrase for tricking students into marching for political Anti Gay causes. March For Life  is owned, organized and operated by "The Campaign Life Coalition"  (CLC) as seen at the bottom of its website here

The CLC will make you march for their beliefs such as - an LGBTQ person simply chooses their own sexuality and that if given "conversion therapy" by a quack doctor they will change right back into a heterosexual. See this page from the CLC website. The article has no author  but looks good since it has footnotes. For real information see Wikipedia, edited by thousands of experts from around the world and that will give you the latest on homosexuality here and the horror story of NARTH and conversion therapy here promoted by the CLC.

The CLC will make you march to ban Canada's same sex marriage laws we've had since 2005. The first North American country to do so. They try to demonize gays by linking child abuse to homosexuality although there is exactly zero evidence of this. 

The CLC president thought in 2010 you'll be attacked by LGBTQ if there are transgender bathrooms, using fear to convince people - seems it hasn't happened yet -  his homophobic quote below from the CLC website here

Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) said, "all people of good will must alert their MPs to the grave concerns and legal nightmares at stake in this bill warning, for example, that it will lead to male cross dressers and drag queens having the legal right to use female bathrooms."

The CLC is a political lobby group through and through, that's it's whole reason to exist. Here is the government disclosure form filled out by the CLC listing what their purpose is;

FYI - Just so you know what you're marching for - If you attend the "March For Life" you will be marching to change the laws of your country that a very large majority of Canadians voted for and an extreme minority of people hate and want changed. This will by deception make you part of a hate group.

Special note - If you go to the March For Life protest rally in Ottawa you will also attend the "youth conference" and see paid guest speaker and singer Marie - Claire Bissonnette", who was paid to sing at Helena Karabela's sons wedding, here's his glowing review;

You might also recall she doubles as a paid fundraiser for the CLC and is head of the youth branch who appeared before the Board at it's March 20 meeting as a delegate. She was very very careful not to mentioned anything to do with gender or same sex marriage since it turns everyone off - but expect lots of that talk in Ottawa.

Let the Board know if they don't rescind the charity ban there are things you can do that can stop their support of issues - and the money that goes with it.

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