Parents/Staff to Boycott Weekly Offerings At Million Dollar Oakville Catholic Churches

BURLINGTON - A sure fire way to get a Bishop's attention in a religious matter is to threaten his bottom line. Parents and staff at the HCDSB are considering a boycott of the weekly offerings and fundraising efforts of the "Big 3" Oakville Catholic churches St Andrew's, Mary Mother Of God and St Matthew in retaliation for the restrictive fundraising policy recently passed by the Board. 

St Andrew's (Danko's Church) latest figures from Canadian Revenue Agency; $817, 068

Mary Mother Of God latest figures from Canadian Revenue Agency; $1.04 million

St Mathew latest figures from Canadian Revenue Agency; $1.03 million

The Bishop will be eager to chat with Oakville Trustees Karabela, Quinn and Danko about that Board fundraising policy if revenues start dropping since the "Big 3" churches are his biggest money makers in the entire Diocese - even the Cathedral doesn't bring in that kind of cash. Engaged parents and staff are the largest group of donators of time and money  in the church so reducing or eliminating their weekly offerings should get results. Most parishoners have no idea where their money is going or what a "cathedraticum" is (money your church has to give to the bishop every year by Canon Law) but they are sure taking money away from cancer research and sick kids is a bad idea.

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