Part 2 - Extremists Unmasked At The Halton Catholic DSB -Marie Claire Bissonnette

BURLINGTON April 27, 2018  Ex-trem-ist definition: "a person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views, especially one who resorts to or advocates extreme action."  In Part 2 of an HCDSBNEWS investigation we focus on Marie Claire Bissonnette the first delegate that spoke at the March 20, 2018 board meeting in favour of keeping the charity ban and friends with trustees Danko and Helena Karabela. HCDSB will be sending students with her to the March For Life protest in Ottawa May 10. "March For Life" was listed incorrectly as a charity on the initial charity list approved by the Board

Marie Claire Bissonnette
At the Board meeting of March 20, 2018 she identified herself as the head of Youth for Campaign Life Coalition but failed to mention that it's a political lobby group and she's a paid speaker and lobbyist. (Commercial interest delegations are prohibited by Board policy I-06 listed hereShe does not live or vote in the Halton region. She's from Brantford Ontario and lives in Ancaster. No trustee asked her about her background, qualifications or connections to any charities. She is an associate of fellow March For  Life extremist and Anthony Danko Friend Dan McCash. She has no public Linkedin or Twitter accounts

As a staff member of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) she is paid to support and promote the following issues;
  • Oppose same sex unions in any form
  • Oppose all forms of gender identity unless its male or female
  • Promote that gays can be made heterosexual by conversion therapy. 
  • Oppose any form of contraception
  • Oppose any form of abortion even if a woman is raped.
  • Oppose all sex education curriculum
  • Oppose all forms of assisted death
  • Promotes lobbying and advocacy among youth for CLC issues.
Her prior work/education experience regarding charities;
  • Attended Our Lady Seat  Of Wisdom and Reedemer University College private schools, Graduated B.A. music
  • Worked as a part time music teacher and choir singer
  • Sang at trustee Helena Karabela's son's wedding
  • In grade 7 made a pro life presentation in her class showing graphic abortion pictures. 
  • Has worked at CLC since 2017.
Family history;
  • Parents - Joe and France Bissonnette live in Brantford and met at the CLC

Joe Bissonnette 

Joe Bissonnette Article from 2015

Marie Claire Bissonnette Friends of Trustees;
                                           Helena Karabela, Anthony Danko

UPDATE: In response to various news stories on HCDSBNEWS Anthony Danko made his Facebook Friends page private on April 20, 2018

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