Shot Down By Students and Chair Cry-Baby Trustees Danko, Karabela, Quinn and Marai Walk Out of Board Meeting

BURLINGTON - HCDSB Board meeting April 3, 2018 - History was made when when a motion by trustee Anthony Danko was shot down by the Chair of the Board Diane Rabenda. Earlier in the evening student advocates - Julia Joseph and Ben Sabourin had taken turns ripping a strip off the stunned and confused Trustee group for breaking the law and not  consulting students and parents over the fundraising policy. 

J. Joseph and B. Sabourin

The students schooled the trustees for a full 10 minutes on how the law works, how they screwed it up and how they should have followed it. They were talking directly to Karabela, Danko, Quinn and Marai. The best lines of the night by Sabourin  "you are not above the law" "I am ashamed to be a student at this Board".

A few minutes later Chair Rabenda shoots down Danko's motion causing Paul Marai to jump to Danko's defense and pretend he knows Robert's Rules of Order and throws an immediate hissy fit that would put any self respecting 2 year old to shame. 
Anthony Danko

Quinn and Karabela sit stunned and try to help Marai but it's too late, it's obvious their plans for another fundraising motion have just gone up in flames. It was the last straw for Danko, Karabela, Quinn and Marai. Suddenly like a group of obstinate children they picked up their net and ball and walked out knowing it would end the Board meeting for lack of quorum. 

It's not often you see four grown adults embarrass themselves at a public meeting but that's exactly what happened. Ironically they have made dull Board meetings a must see event and the price to get in is free.

A very special thanks to students Joseph and Sabourin and Chair Rabenda - our hats are off to you. See you at the next meeting Tuesday April 17, 7:30 at the Board offices.

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