Trustee Danko Encouraged Friend To Harass Women At Medical Clinic in Ottawa

BURLINGTON    April 16, 2018 This certainly tops the list of things you shouldn't do as a decent human being let alone an elected Catholic trustee. If your long time friend and Facebook pal gets arrested for harassing women you need to speak out against such action and certainly not speak out in favour of it. Are you tone deaf to the #MeToo movement or is it that you just don't care? Can you imagine any politician doing this today? Doug Ford" Kathleen Wynne? 

Danko's friend Cyril Winter filmed and harassed women outside the Morgentaler Clinic in Ottawa for the past 4.5 years. He was recently arrested. Trustee Danko encouraged Mr Winter by  "liking" one of Cyril's last angry Facebook posts March 7, 2018 challenging and criticizing his recent arrest.

Cyril Winter Outside Morgentaler clinic Ottawa 2018
Cyril Winter outside Morgentaler clinic Ottawa 2016

Trustee Danko "liking" Cyril Winter Facebook Post 2018

At the very least Danko needs to issue a public apology. But don't hold your breath, he couldn't care less what the good people of Oakville think.

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