Geoff Cauchi - A Long History Of Failed Legal Opinions and Threats - Not Much To Worry About

Opinion - Editorial 
BURLINGTON May 3, 2018 - Geoff Cauchi is the man behind the curtain at the HCDSB whose stalk in trade is threats. His latest reported threat involves suing five HCDSB trustees whom he claims violated the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act (MCOI). This is laughable. Every first year law student knows the MCOI Act is as weak as water even in serious cases like Hazel McCallion and Rob Ford who got off by simply claiming it was an error in judgement or that no harm was found. 

Dated Photo of Geoff Cauchi
Trustees need not worry in the slightest. Geoff you see  may have his own multiple "conflict of interests" to worry about. Legally his areas of practise are real estate and credit unions.

Just ask Geoff the following questions; 

Geoff, aren't you the Vice President of Shifra Home Inc., one of the approved charities that would benefit from increased donations due to a smaller number of approved charities? You might be seen as trying to influence a vote that would benefit your own charity. Not           a smart move for a lawyer Geoff, This seems to be an obvious conflict.

A Brief History of Geoff's Cauchi's Failed Legal Opinions and Threats
  • 1995 He ranted against the implementation of the Consent To Treatment Act - it passed without issue and is in force today and is known as The Health Care Consent Act. He was ignored, no constitutional challenge occurs.
  • 2011 Geoff claims school boards have the constitutional right to opt out of "homosexual clubs" (GSA clubs) and advocates that school boards ignore  the new requirements. In his argument he quotes a pope "that homosexual activity is immoral" No school board took his advice and there has been no constitutional challenge, again he's just ignored.
  • 2016 Geoff and trustees Anthony Danko and Anthony Quinn again advocate against government changes regarding discipline thinking that students will be expelled or disciplined for promoting homophobic ideals. To date there has been no province wide outbreak - nothing has happened just another example of fear mongering. Again his position is ignored.
  • 2017 Geoff is very concerned that elementary schools won't tell parents if a student tells them he or she wants to be transgender. He says his usual line about it being unconstitutional. No school board took his advice then and there has been no constitutional challenge since, again he is ignored.
  • May 1, 2018 Geoff is quoted in Lifesitenews as threatening to take trustees to court for voting against the charity ban since they legally accepted a small donation from the teacher's union OECTA. According to him alone - that puts some trustees in a conflict of interest. 
Geoff's history with the HCDSB goes back decades. It's something to be mindful of but it is definitely nothing to take seriously since it's obvious that Geoff's track record shows he has been completely successful and amazing at being on the wrong side of history every single time. Something tells me Lifesitenews won't be following this story up since Geoff will just fade from sight without following up on his threat.

Note: If you do a Google search for "Geoff Cauchi" homosexual you can find more reported legal opinions he has given on the topic of homosexuality and Catholic teachings.

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