Oakville Trustees That Publicly Promised To Defend The Rights Of Rapists, Pedophiles and Serial Killers

Opinion / Editorial
BURLINGTON May 14, 2018

This sounds like a wild exaggeration but it isn't unfortunately. Believe it or not in the 21st century in Canada there are a few elected officials who would defend the parental rights of  rapists, pedophiles and serial killers over that of a victim's. Horrific and unbelievable but true nonetheless.

The following HCDSB trustees have publicly pledged that in the event of a rape by anyone and even if the victim was a 13 year old child, the victim should be prohibited from ending the pregnancy. The following HCDSB trustees have publicly pledged exactly this on the website Campaign Life Coalition (CLC)*  The CLC is a strict pro life lobby group that goes to extremes trying to find electable pro life candidates for every level of government. Click on a trustee to see how they answered the CLC questionnaire pledge that denies the rights of victims and supports the rights of rapists, pedophiles and serial killers. Click on a trustees name then click on the questionnaire tab on the CLC website to see their answers.

Helena Karabela
Anthony Danko
Anthony Quinn

Susan Trites

You have to ask yourself why an elected official would ever consent to answering a questionnaire like this from a well known lobby group like the CLC* (all other HCDSB trustees have the sense to refuse such questionnaires). The obvious answer is that they think this kind of public disclosure will help them get elected in the town of Oakville. And just like Anthony Danko's Facebook friend Tanya Granic Allen they'd be wrong and publicly exposed for it.

*Campaign Life Coalition is a political lobby group and has a long history of promoting failed political candidates who hold extremist views disguised as "traditional family values" regarding women's and gay rights. 

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