More Wasted Time and Money at the HCDSB - Another Feckless 324 Page Letter to the Board From Geoff Cauchi

Opinion / Editorial
BURLINGTON June 5, 2018

Geoff Cauchi
The Board agenda for June 5, 2018 has 499 pages. 64% (324 pages) of it are from Geoff Cauchi. He has promised this is his last letter. In his latest bit of drivel and apparent last attempt to influence the Board, the Campaign Life Coalition lobbyist lawyer claims there are some "very recent developments ...and new information"  regarding other Catholic school Boards charity policies. Of course none of it is true. What he is referring to are examples of charity policies, procedures and guidelines from other school Boards that are years old and that he thinks the HCDSB should follow and use as an example. As usual Geoff's logic and reasoning are crippled by his research skills, an odd thing considering he is a lawyer. 

He completely misses the fact that Boards don't follow charity policies - for example;

The Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board

It should be obvious to the most simple minded that public opinion on charity bans is clearly in practice something the public doesn't support no matter what policies a Board decides to implement. Ridiculous letters like Cauchi's do nothing but waste valuable time and money, there is simply no point to reading or printing it. What he was trying to say could have been said in one sentence - "please bring back the charity ban policy and have the Director of Education enforce it."

The Board agenda for June 5, 2018 also contains an additional 18 pages of more wasted space and misinformation from pro life and anti gay propaganda from student Kelty Barel and the self serving  bogus charity Sharelife run by Cardinal Collins that spends $0 dollars on charitable programs (according to the CRA) and gives all the money to the church and Development and Peace. 

The Board agenda for June 5, 2018 has 499 pages of which 68% (342) are inaccurate misleading nonsense and the other 32% is about essential Board business. 

How much time and money did it take to print, copy and distribute 342 pages of misleading nonsense? How much valuable trustee time will it take to read through it? How many more agendas will be dominated by submissions from extremist special interest groups? The HCDSB needs to get a grip on the time and money its wasting pandering to special interest groups. Next time you hear a trustee or candidate say they want to make the Board more fiscally responsible ask them if they would pledge to stop wasting thousands of pages and countless hours of time on lobbyists like Geoff Cauchi and the special interest groups he's associated with.

Special Note To Readers - All trustees will be emailed this article so that you are sure they see it.

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  1. Please name who you are and your affiliations. You are very good at making false accusations about multiple people including myself without revealing who you are and what your anti-Catholic agenda is. To me it is very obvious you are an OECTA front organization who are funding a slate of hopefully very misguided Catholics to stand for the Board in this election, if they are not misguided, then they are dissident, maybe like their Pastor.


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