Anthony Quinn's Campaign Manager Revealed!

It's all starting to make sense now
They are known to be very close, often finishing each others sentences.

Opinion October 15, 2018

Anthony with his campaign manager, the current head of the CLC

This explains where Quinn got the idea of union bashing from. It had to be the clown.Why? Well for one thing the two largest employers in Oakville are the Ford Motor company and the Halton Catholic District School Board. (see link here) Between them, counting current and retired employees, the two unionized employers have tens of thousands of eligible voters. In other words you'd have to be a complete clown to decide to bash this group.

Jekyll and Hyde flip flopper Anthony is bashing OECTA now but 
4 years ago he used their endorsement 
without permission- just ask him why

Yes it's true Anthony used to Love OECTA - just ask him. During his campaign in 2014. Anthony used the old OECTA logo beside his picture on his old Facebook page (since deleted) and stated: 

"Equally pleased to have the endorsement of many OECTA, Ontario English Catholic Teacher Association Members!!!! Please share with your fellow Catholic Teachers and vote according to your conscience and your faith."

Anthony used the OECTA logo without permission and was told to remove it from his campaign advertising. Today Anthony is bashing other trustees Nancy Guzzo, Peter DeRosa and Jeff Mamer for being legitimately endorsed by OECTA. Go figure. Must be the clown's influence or that he is getting desperate.

Anthony should team up with fellow cult members Ante Skoko and Giuseppe Peritore since they are all controlled by the special interest group Campaign Life Coalition* (CLC) but the clown has advised against it since Ante is a climate change denier and Opus Dei wanna be and Giuseppe thinks women shouldn't be allowed a cancer vaccine until they are legally married. The three seem a good fit but the clown says no.

*Campaign Life Coalition was the special interest group that promoted the "Sanctity of Life" fiasco.

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  1. does HCDSB have so many employees in Oakville? They have less than half the number of schools that HDSB does. Any idea what’s going on there?

    1. Some years its number 2, but to answer your question the link and information is from the town of Oakville itself so how they come up with that figure is a question for them really. It is likely that the HDSB counts for Burlington more than Oakville somehow.


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