Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) Was Responsible for the Sanctity of Life Scandal From Day One

Various CLC organizations hand pick and promote candidates like Quinn Karabela and Skoko all across the country in order to turn back the hands of time. 
Ante Skoko Raising funds For CLC

Opinion October 19, 2018

What is Campaign Life Coalition (CLC)? - It is a "Catholic Values" special interest political lobby group founded in 1978 by pro life advocate Jim Hughes. All the above websites were created and are operated by the CLC and all are located in the same building 104 Bond St. Toronto. They are NOT charities.  They have been denied charity status by the Canadian Revenue Agency twice. They are all subsidiaries of the Campaign Life Coalition lobby group. It's primary goal is to get pro life candidates elected across Canada at all levels of government. The CLC created and promotes an annual fundraising campaign called March For Life that students are lead to believe is a charity. The Halton Catholic District School Board even listed March For Life on it's approved charities list even though it has no charity connections whatsoever. 

Every person or group who spoke or wrote in favour of the "Sanctity of Life" motion was hand picked by the CLC and representatives Anthony Danko, Helena Karabela and Anthony Quinn..People such as Marie Claire Bissonnette, Geoff Cauchi, Dan McCash and Muriel McCash were ringers brought into the HCDSB to speak in favour of the sanctity of life motion.

If you want to stop the madness, divisiveness and fraud and bring an end to special interest groups controlling the Halton Catholic District School Board make sure to vote for a candidate that has no ties to anyone at the CLC. 

The CLC has been behind the scenes at the HCDSB for years. Make sure on Monday this special interest group gets the hell out of Halton. 

FYI - In case you were wondering - Quinn, Karabela, Skoko and Danko - have never responded to anything written about themselves on 

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  1. Saving unborn babies is always up to date with the times.

  2. It sure is unless you are defending a rapist or pedophile's parental rights over that of the mother - the dangerous pro lifers like Skoko would support the parental rights of a rapist or pedophile over that of another - Which type are you?

    1. When have they ever said they would support a rapist or pedophiles parental rights?

    2. Marie claire Bissonnette was asked by by a guy who attacked her - what if you get pregnant from a rapist - her reply was you have to keep it. Also Jim Hughes founder of the CLC said the one and only exception is if it threatens the health of the mother - These are the top leaders of the pro life movement in Canada. They speak for people like you, Karabela, Skoko, Quinn et al.


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