Karabela Supports Private Schools - Not Catholic Ones

A trustee takes an oath to support and promote Catholic education
What does it say about a trustee that sends her kids to a private school?

Opinion October 19, 2018

It says she should be running for trustee at King's Christian Collegiate - not the Halton Catholic District School Board.

Helena Karabela
There have been plenty of unconfirmed rumours regarding Helena Karabela and husband Henry sending their kids to a private school. Turns out the rumours were all true. They sent them to King's Christian Collegiate the private school in Oakville started by Chartwell Baptists. It seems the Karabelas' have been spending big money, estimated in excess of $100,000 to avoid sending their own children to the Catholic school system their mom has pledged to promote and support. Turns out husband Henry Karabela runs a business located inside King's as well. 

The Karabela's act more like Baptists than Catholics - Is this the reason fellow Catholics don't see the Karabela's at Sunday mass? - If you want to find them on a Sunday try going to King's Community Church instead. It would seem the only reason Karabela ever had to be a trustee was to push the Campaign Life Coalition agenda since it is a close to the Baptist theology as you can get. Even though she, her husband and children have spent a good deal of their family life in and around the Baptist church and culture she never mentions any of these associations on her re-election website. Then again she never mentioned her vows and commitment to Opus Dei either - seems like a pattern.

Come voting day Monday October 22, 2018 don't let this fake Catholic fool you again. She is simply doing this for the goals and aims of Campaign Life Coalition and Opus Dei  - She has already shown she represents them and not you - her support of the  Sanctity of Life fiasco proved that didn't it?  

Just Remember this - No Quinn, No Karabela, No Skoko = No student walk-outs

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