Lying And Deceiving Voters - Candidates List Election 2018 Part 1

Abusive candidates hide their true intentions
These candidates are freakishly extreme and give good Catholics a bad name.

Opinion - October 10, 2018

So you vote for a Catholic trustee you think is just like you. Then a few months later you see in the national news that the Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB) is being ridiculed and publicly shamed for some ridiculous action or statement by school board trustees. You get that sickening feeling you voted for the wrong person, you say to yourself "I didn't know, I didn't know". You feel betrayed, they aren't like you at all. It's happened many times before. This is Part 1 of a list of candidates that have turned the HCDSB upside down and brought it national shame by things they have said and done on behalf of  a special interest group most people have never heard of. Here's a partial list of issues that current trustees Quinn and Karabela can take full credit for that made the national news and brought shame to the HCDSB.

The shame and ridicule these two candidates have caused

  1. They believe vaccines are the work of the devil if they are linked in any way to a sex act that is outside of a Catholic marriage or is homosexual in nature. Google the HCDSB and the HPV ban for all the details. Quinn wasn't around then but has pledged to the minority special interest group Campaign Life Coalition to vote against HPV it if it comes up in the future.- click here for link (covered in the national news)
  2. They didn't want a policy to include the words  "gender identity" or "sexual  orientation"  because that would lead to talking about homosexuals and they say that is against their version of Catholicism. Karabela and Quinn don't have any gay friends and would prefer to keep it that way. (Quinn won't respond to questions from gay leaning media outlets and most others as an example of his homophobia and lack of public accountability) (covered in the national news)
  3. They didn't want gay students to have their own club in school even though it was and is the law. Again, anything that has a gay component will be opposed by Karabela and Quinn - they have actually promised to do this on the abortion site Campaign Life Coalition - click here for link (covered in the national news)
  4. Tried to stop students from fundraising for breast cancer research because the Canadian cancer society might have done research on embryos and that was against Karabela and Quinn's version of extreme Catholicism (covered in the national news)

Personal Characteristics - Leopard's Can't Change their Spots

"If that's their level of reading skill and decision making 
maybe trustee is not the job for them"

They are both openly sexist in the 21st century. No you say? Well consider this, both have voluntarily filled out a questionnaire from the minority special interest group called Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) that they knew would be published on line here. They both say on the CLC website that they would oppose an HPV vaccine for girls but not boys. What idiot standing for election would answer such a ridiculous question and one that included a healthy dose of obvious sexism? Did they not read the word "girl" and notice "boys" were not mentioned? Do they think girls would more likely to have premarital sex than boys? If that's their level of reading skill and decision making maybe trustee is not the job for them. Considering Quinn in his professional life is in charge of the large CARP website you'd think he'd know the pitfalls of making public statements on public websites. Here is the statement he and  Karabela promised the CLC to oppose as trustees;

Every year Quinn and Karabela vote to give thousands of tax dollars to the CLC by sending a busload of HCDSB students to Ottawa to protest abortion at a CLC organized and sponsored event. Spending public money on political action using students? That ought to make the news soon. 

 "I hope they don't run afoul of election laws given that 
they give public money to the CLC"

Of course if the political action has a religious basis then that's OK by Quinn and Karabela. I hope they don't run afoul of election laws given that they give public money to the CLC and the CLC advertises and promotes them during an election as noted in this article here

Helena Karabela is supposed to be championing Catholic Education but sent her own kids to a private Baptist school  (click here for that storyNeither Karabela or Quinn have ever asked a local parish priest for their advice on any religious issue they have faced as a trustee even though they are constantly using their faith as a reason to oppose something or start a divisive debate. 

"no priest in Oakville is endorsing them officially or unofficially 
and you don't have to guess why"

You'd think that was an automatic thing to do or a "no brainer". Nope - they prefer to interpret the bible without any interference from the church all other Oakville Catholics attend. Karabela and Quinn know their views are extreme and that no priest in Oakville is endorsing them officially or unofficially and you don't have to guess why - just ask your priest.

Bottom line - If you like special interest groups that are sexist and homophobic and think your priest and fellow Catholics don't have the faintest idea how to be a "good" Catholics like Quinn and  Karabela then these two trustees are just what you're looking for. If you vote for them you are voting for a political action special interest group called the Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) - If you think they represent modern mainstream Canadian views, take a few minutes to search the site and read a few articles - i think you'll agree that there is no doubt that it is an out of touch ultra right wing special interest group dedicated to turning back the clock..

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  1. "modern mainstream Canadian views" ...What are those exactly?

  2. Those would be those who have supported the main political parties that instituted laws we have today and aren't looking to get rid of women's rights, stem cell research, contraception etc -


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