Quinn Parks His Beliefs At The Door When Working At CARP

Anthony Quinn says on his Facebook page "I don’t check my personal beliefs and faith at the door when I go into a school board meeting" Maybe, but he does when he goes to work at the Canadian Association Of Retired Persons (CARP)

Opinion October 21, 2018
Anthony Quinn at work

Anthony stated students and parents shouldn't raise funds for charities like Sick Kids Hospital, The Canadian Cancer Society, Terry Fox etc because these charities don't promote "Catholic values" and are known to have supported things like stem cell research, contraception, HPV vaccines  etc. Anthony argument is simple - he thinks no one should support these groups since they don't have the same Catholic values he has. He thinks giving to charity is completely voluntary so you can give to some other Catholic friendly charity or fake charity like March for Life or not give it all - its simple, what's the big deal?

Anthony helping promote Sanofi

At work its an entirely different story. He has no problem at all promoting and asking people to support companies that are the world leaders in such things as stem cell research, contraception, end of life drugs etc. From his own Twitter page @CARPQuinn you can see him promoting the Flu vaccine made by Sanofi, an international drug company and a leader in human stem cell research. Opps! He even took a picture of his boss Moses Znaimer and Sanofi executive Michael Mullette for his Twitter page. Opps again. Looks like Anthony spend more time researching the Canadian Cancer Society than Sanofi otherwise he would have found out he was personally helping promote a company that does human stem cell research and makes the HPV vaccine Gardasil (the very vaccine he promised the CLC he would not promote in schools) - at work its OK though since the flu shot is voluntary and you don't have to get it - just pick a Catholic friendly drug company. Ask Anthony, he will be happy to recommend one if he makes it to the next Board meeting. 

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