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Opinion October 12, 2018


Karabela Belongs To Opus Dei

Every person in Canada has the right by law to believe and express their beliefs with few exceptions. When you run as a candidate in an election voters have the right to know and candidates the moral obligation, to disclose their beliefs, otherwise it becomes simple deception on the part of the candidate. 

Karabela has lead voters to believe that she is simply a good Catholic and as such Catholic voters can be sure she will represent their views as a Catholic trustee. What she hasn't said to anyone is that she is an ultra conservative right wing Opus Dei member. Although she hasn't mentioned it she hasn't taken extraordinary steps to hide it either.

Each Opus Dei member has taken a vow and made a contract with Opus Dei to follow their ultra conservative views to put God's needs before herself, her children or you, every single second of every single day, on every issue or action big or small, for the rest of their life. As an example, an Opus Dei member has no choice but to oppose homosexual issues of any kind, HPV vaccines, sex education curriculum, equal rights issues, books by various authors such as Margaret Atwood (Opus Dei has a banned books list over 6000 long), student GSA clubs or fundraising that might not be strictly adhering to Catholic doctrine. Karabela's voting record is straight as an arrow on these issues so expect more of the same if re-elected. If you hold these views then she is the right candidate for you.

Opus Dei members don't give money to the local church, instead they give it to Opus Dei. Their Bishop isn't the local one but another special Opus Dei Bishop. They see their local priest as weak and too liberal resulting in no relationship with them or many different associations with many different churches but none in particular - just as Karabela lists on her website she has belonged to 3 different churches. They often have large families and send their children to private religious schools that are more conservative religiously than regular Catholic schools. Karabela sent her kids to a private Baptist school in Oakville. (link here to story)

Opus Dei members are not allowed to reveal their membership to anyone but other members and close family but if found out they are not to deny it. Another thing they must do is apply God's rules at work. Because this usually leads to conflicts most Opus Dei are self employed like Karabela. As she states on her website here she is a freelance photographer and a motivational speaker but there is no website for either, no phone number, no contact info, no nothing. If you were a gay couple looking for a wedding photographer or motivational speaker don't bother calling. Who in today's world runs any business without some form of advertising? She isn't lying strictly speaking. She does take pictures and give Opus Dei sponsored motivational speeches but you have to be invited to these special low key events. Here is a link where she is recruiting fellow parishioners to Opus Dei at St Michael's Oakville. Her motivational speaking she mentions on her website is on behalf of PEV (Promotion of Education and Values) but she doesn't mention PEV is completely owned, controlled and run by Opus Dei see the link here.half way down the page in small print. The "Ladies Tea Fundraising Event" she chairs mentioned on her website is simply a thinly disguised Opus Dei membership recruitment drive and fundraiser (by PEV) rolled into one, mostly for well educated wealthy women.

Karabela and possibly other trustees or candidates are Opus Dei members. She is bound by contract to follow the plan of Opus Dei which is signed in writing. No one but Opus Dei and her know what she has agreed to do but it's safe to say that she is to have a strict interpretation of the bible and apply it to every thought and action as a Catholic trustee, no exceptions, no compromising.

Being Opus Dei, ultra conservative and secretive in your religion is perfectly legal and is everyone's right under the law. The only issue I have is that Opus Dei members take vows and have contracts equivalent to or greater than that of a priest or nun, in other words it is their whole life. I'm fine with that except in situations where it needs to be disclosed like running for or being appointed to public office. What if Helena was a lawyer and was appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada and failed to mention she was Opus Dei? What if voters in a municipal election thought she was a moderate Catholic willing to compromise and act in a manner consistent with the majority of parents? There would be more than a few MP's and parents that would take issue with that. 

Karabela Opus Dei involvement:  From St Michaels 2016 Parish Bulletin (link here)   

"The meditations are preached by a priest of Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Roman Catholic Church. There is also the opportunity for confession. For more information about Opus Dei, please visit the website Mothers with their preschool children are also welcome. Contact Helena Karabela 905 845-2080"

Karabela family mentioned on Opus Dei website - (link here)

Karabela Opus Dei Facebook "Like" (link here)

Statutes, mortification, banned books etc for Opus Dei members (link here)

Opus Dei in Canada (approximately 200 members in Ontario) website (link here)

Bottom line - Being Opus Dei is a right in Canada but please be honest and transparent about it if you are running for political office and being paid by the taxpayer. If you're Opus Dei and running in this election you need to declare that otherwise I might have to write about it to keep people informed because there are all kinds of rights in Canada - one of them being freedom of expression.

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  1. Elected officials are obligated to represent their constituents and to bring their concerns and questions to the forefront when deliberating while in caucus. It seems that, according to the Opus Dei beliefs and rules, the constituents of an Opus Dei member will not get their concerns brought forth, as the Opus Dei member will be guided exclusively by his/her own beliefs. That is unethical and should not be permitted in a democratic society such as ours.
    I find it difficult to believe that this still occurs in 2018 and that people like Karabela are deceiving and misleading voters in order to further their own interests and that of the organization they belong to.


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