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Looking For Conspiracies That Have Been Hiding In The Open

Anthony Quinn wants you to think labour groups are trying to take over the Board since they won't endorse him - No Anthony - they just don't endorse crazy people. - sorry, but if you like conspiracies -  here is one closely tied to you. There has been exactly one group that has threatened to take over the Board in writing and that would be the CLC - you know them right?

October 16, 2018

Lets just take one example such as the "sanctity of life" fiasco and see how Karabela played everyone except fellow conspirators Anthony Quinn. Anthony Danko and Susan Trites.

Who from the "public" spoke in favour of the sanctity life motion? (Karabela hand picked them)

Marie Claire Bissonnette - Karabela family friend - Employed by Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) as a speaker. (link here) She was invited by Karabela who had helped her with her speech to the board March 20, 2018. She also sang at Karabela's sons wedding. She has never been a parent or resident of Halton. She is a CLC associate of convicted criminal Dan McCash. Karabela is a CLC member and is currently being endorsed by them.

Muriel McCash, Facebook friends, family friends and fellow Opus Dei PEV member of Karabela's. Muriel writes this nasty anti OECTA letter to be included as correspondence (page 263) to the board's February 20, 2018 board meeting. Murial is a long time CLC member. This is the first of many anti OECTA letters accepted by the board. 

Dan McCash is Facebook friends and family friends with the Karabela's, McCash is married to Muriel McCash and is a Convicted criminal. He is also a longtime CLC fellow member and knows the Bissonnette family through the CLC. He too writes a threatening letter to the board as correspondence for the February 20, 2018 board meeting. 

Here are a few quotes from Karabela's friend Dan McCash;

“We’re going to be fighting against abortion, euthanasia, sex education and homosexuality for a long, long time.” McCash  stated Pro-lifers "must focus on each constituency to determine which party is strongest in that riding and “try to take it over.” (click here for link to a CLC news story)

"I am just about to retire and I will put out a possible threat to all of you who oppose this resolution, I may make my retirement working for getting better people to replace you." (link to his letter to the board here)

McCash believes a GSA is the same as a gay bathhouse. “I’m going by my past observations of these clubs, which are places where people meet and have their sexual encounters when they want to have them and meet people of a like mind,” he said.(link from DailyXtra)
Geoff Cauchi writes a nasty threatening 35 page letter to the board in support of trustees Danko, Quinn, Karabela and Trites. No one knows he is legal council for the CLC except the four trustees he's arguing for in support of the sanctity of life motion.

Bottom LineThe CLC is the one trying to take over the HCDSB. using Quinn, Karabela and others. All the connections to Karabela are there. McCash has threatened this in his letter to the board but no one remembers. McCash has worked at the federal level in politics until he was booted out for extremism for trying to take over a riding so he isn't kidding when he says he is going to "try and take it over"  If you don't vote for a moderate candidate like DeRosa, Guzzo and Mamer that is exactly what will happen -

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