Warning To Parishioners of St. Andrew Oakville

Know Who is Sitting Beside You at Church
The good parishioners of St. Andrew have no idea how extreme these people are

Opinion 18, 2018
Opus Dei clubhouse?

Dan McCash
Dan McCash - Listed by the Canada Revenue Agency McCash is the long time President of the Opus Dei charity "The Santa Croce Foundation" (link here) owned and operated by Opus Dei. The Santa Croce Foundation's aim is to support the University of the Holy Cross, a "shell" charity started by Opus Dei in 1984 (link here) Interestingly Opus Dei is also a registered charity (link here) but shows $0 dollars being donated or given out. 

Dan McCash Bio: Self employed home based financial planner, he is not registered or certified as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) (search here)
In 1993 Prime Minister Jean Chretien personally booted McCash from the Liberal Etobicoke-Lakshore riding association for trying to take it over for pro life candidates. (see story here) McCash's Facebook friends page (anonymously named Dan Mc) is filled with pro life executives that run Campaign Life Coalition, Lifesitenews, The Interim and most other pro-life organizations in Canada. (see here before its gone) Dan McCash has a criminal record. (see story here) He is close friends with fellow Opus Dei member Karabela and her family.

Here are some of McCash's extreme hate-filled public statements:
  • From a blog post October 8th, 2018 - "...in forty years in the trenches I see the most prominent proponents of abortions are active homosexuals and lesbians..... including members of the clergy." "people may call me homophobic because I want homosexuals to come to the realization of their sin and repent" "I was beat up by a bunch of lesbians"
  • From a February 16, 2018 letter he wrote to the HCDSB in support of the "sanctity of life" motion of Quinn, Karabela and Danko he stated: "I am just about to retire and I will put out a possible threat to all of you who oppose this resolution, I may make my retirement working for getting better people to replace you."
As an Opus Dei member like Karabela, Dan is committed to extreme positions even if it means insulting his fellow parishioners, parish priest or local bishop or embarrassing himself and others publicly. His commitment is very clear - to repeal laws dealing with gays and women's rights by getting pro life candidates he controls elected in municipal, provincial or federal elections. He's tried it many times before and is doing it again - be forewarned about any candidate that is being endorsed  by him (see link hereor his close friends at Campaign Life Coalition, Lifesitenews etc.

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